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Emphasis in Water Resources Engineering

An emphasis in this area provides the student with specialized engineering training in selected applied areas of fluid mechanics, as well as courses that will broaden the more technical topics. (Updated October 27, 2010)

A total of 4 courses must be taken from the following list. Take at least 2 courses from Group A and the remaining 2 courses from Group A or B.:

Group A
  • CE 4430 - Water Resources Engineering
  • CE 4460 - Flood Hazards and Protective Design
  • CE 4470 - Storm Water Management
  • CE 4620 - Coastal Engineering
Group B
  • EE&S 4020 - Water and Waste Treatment Systems
  • CE 4820 - Groundwater and Contaminant Transport
  • CE 4900 - Special Topics (Fluid Mechanics topic, with Chair's approval)