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Summer Online Course Offerings

The Civil Engineering Department is now offering online courses during Summer Sessions I, II and Summer Long. Students from universities other than Clemson can also take online classes as transient students and transfer the credits to their home institution.
Transient students can download our Getting Started Packet for information on registration and payment information. University's Academic Integrity Statement can be read here.

The following civil engineering courses are available on-line for summer sessions. All courses are administered through CANVAS.

2018 Summer Sessions (Complete Information Coming Soon)

CE 2010 Statics 3 (3) — Forces and force systems and their external effect on bodies, principally the condition of equilibrium. The techniques of vector mathematics are employed, and the rigor of physical analysis is emphasized. Preq: PHYS 1220 with a C or above; 
Preq or concurrent enrollment: ENGR 1070 and MATH 2060.

CE 2080 Dynamics 2 (2)  — Study of kinetics and kinematics of particles and rigid bodies, work and energy, impact and momentum. Preq: CE 2010 and ENGR 1090, each with a C or better, and MATH 2060. (Calculus 3)

CE 4210/6210 Geotechnical Engineering Design 3 (3) — Study of the relationship of local geology to soil formations, groundwater, planning of site investigation, sampling procedures, determination of design parameters, foundation design, and settlement analysis. Preq for CE 4210: CE 3210. Preq for CE 6210: CE 3210 or consent of instructor.