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Civil Engineering Alumni Roster

The Civil Engineering Alumni Roster is based on information sent to us by the individual alumni listed below. If you are a Clemson Civil Engineering alumni and would like to be added to (or removed from) the list, please fill out the form below (scroll to bottom of page). The degrees listed are only those obtained from the CE Department at Clemson University.

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Name Graduated Current Employer
Cabiness, Laura S.BSCE 1983City of Charleston, Charleston, SC
Cadotte III, Roland JBSCE 2013
Cadotte, III, Roland JBSCE 2013Halliburton Energy Services, Kilgore Tx
Caldwell, John R
Callahan, ErinBSCE 2008STV, Inc. Charlotte, NC
Callison, Scott R
Camlin, Jared W
Campbell, France BSCE 2004, MSCE 2006Gresham Smith and Partners, Atlanta, GA
Campbell, Tyson E.BSCE 1997Dupont, Charlotte, NC
Campbell, Joseph C
Campos, Urso A
Cann, Janet HurleyBSCE 1983Spartanburg Water, Spartanburg, SC
Cano, Vanessa
Capozzolo, John C
Cappola, RichBSCE 2004Town of Morrisville
Carannante, Louis A.BSCE 1976Jacobs, Houston, TX
Caron, Joshua M
Carpenter, Liz Haselden BSCE 2001AECOM, Columbia, SC
Carper, Lauren BrinsonBSCE 2002Weston & Sampson Engineers, Inc; Charleston, SC
Carr, Eric ABSCE 2012, MS 2013
Carroll, Todd K.BSCE 2004Spartanburg, County Government, Spartanburg, SC
Carson, Tiffany M
Cartee, HalBSCE 1982Cartee-Berry & Associates
Carter, David P. MSCE 2003Welton Structural Design, Chesapeake, VA
Carter, GeorgeBSCE 2006AMEC, Williamston, SC
Carter, Jennine S.BSCE 1994U.S. Air Force
Carter, Michael R.BSCE 1961, MS-Water Resources Engineering 1962Federal Govt - Retired, Athens, GA
Carter, StaffordBSCE 2011Live Oak Consultants, LLC
Carter, GeorgeBSCE 2006Fluor
Carter, William S
Cartledge, Raymond G
Casey, Katie R
Cate, Adam R
Cates, Whitney EBSCE 2008Land Planning Associates, Easley, SC
Cattano, Corey AMSCE 2010, PhD 2013US Navy
Caulder III, James A. (Jack)BSCE 1997Chevron, Mobile, AL
Cauley, Erica L
Cauthen, Colton J
Cave, Tarleton L
Caviness, Hannah L
Celia, Mark J
Chambers, CurtBSCE 1989Lend Lease, Charlotte, NC
Champagne, Kristen J.BSCE 1996Dorchester County, Dorchester, SC
Champagne, P.E., Kristen Thompson (Jones)BSCE 1996Isle of Palms Water and Sewer Commission
Chandak, Atul A
Chaplin, Javon C
Chapman, Joseph B.BSCE 1988AECOM
Chapman, Joshua S
Chase, Erica KindlBSCE 2004Stantec Consulting Services Inc., North Charleston
Chavali, BhargaviMSCE 2004Dewberry & Davis, Inc., Atlanta, GA
Cheek, DanielBSCE 2000; MSCE 2002Hodges, Harbin, Newberry, and Tribble, Inc.
Chen, Linbo MSCE 2013HDR, New York, New York
Chesney, Philip T
Chestnut, Michael D
Childers, AdamBSCE 2007Joel E. Wood & Associates
Childers, Justin CBSCE 2013
Chilton, LarryBSCE 1989Lynchburg Steel, Lynchburg, VA
Chism, DanBSCE 1982Davis & Floyd, Inc., Greenwood, SC
Choudhury, PranoyMSCE 2008Maryland Department of Transportation, Baltimore,
Chowdhury, Mijanur R
Christopher, David MBSCE 2010, MSCE 2012HDR Engineering, Inc., Charleston SC
Christopher, William P
Ciulla, NickBSCE 2015; MSCE 2016Amec Foster Wheeler
Clark, Mark "Chip"BSCE 2005Allied Concrete Forming, Inc., Concord, NC
Clark, Rebecca EileenBSCE 2013
Clark, Rebecca EileenBSCE 2013
Clary, Jr, C DouglasBSCE 1983Hybrid Engineering, Inc.
Clements, Kyle LoringBSCE 2013
Clements, Kyle LoringBSCE 2013
Clinkscales, TimBSCE 1998, MSCE 2000Paramounte Engineering, Inc., Wilmington, NC
Clouser, Brian D.BSCE 2011Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc., Atlanta, GA
Coachman, Victor A
Cockfield, NathanBSCE 2004, MSCE 2005Johnson, Laschober & Associates, Augusta, GA
Coggins, Wynn WoodBSCE 1986United States Patent and Trademark Office, Arlingt
Coith, Daniel L
Coleman, MarkBSCE 1986Steelfab Inc., Columbia, SC
Coleman, Richard ABSCE 2011Bloc Design, PLLC
Coletta, Andrew YBSCE 2011Ellinwood + Machado
Collins, John D.BSCE 1977NAVFAC SE, Charleston, SC
Collins, Mary J
Collins, Travis C
Conley, William C
Connor, Samuel P
Cook, James L.BSCE 2001US Army Corps of Engineers, Columbia, SC
Cook, Jason E
Cooks, Samantha T
Cooksey, Jason M
Cooper, Mitchel H.BSCE 2010STV Incorporated, Rock Hill, SC
Corley, Tyson E
Cornwell, Katie S
Corrigan, Charles L
Corry, Lawrence A
Cory (Lester), Kelly M.BSCE 2003The LPA Group, Kennesaw, GA
Cottingham, J. RichardBSCE 1966Cottingham & Associates, Inc., Seneca, SC
Couche, Steven
Coulter, Jacob A
Cousins, TommyBSCE 1978, MSCE 1982Virginia Tech
Cousins, David RaineyBSCE 2013
Cousins, David RaineyBSCE 2013
Cousins, Robert T
Cove, Laura (Lori) L.BSCE 1990, MSCE 1991Town of Cary, Cary, NC
Covington, Andrew TBSCE 2010, MSCE 2011AECOM
Cox, Blake A
Cox, Cory D
Cox, James R
Cox, Jeremy D
Cox, Jonathan D
Cox, Nicholas C
Craig, Jennifer L
Crain, JustinBSCE 2003, MSCE 2004MMSA, Inc., Greenville, SC
Crandall, Sean SBSCE 2010Power engineers, Charlotte, NC
Crenshaw, Michael K.BSCE 1995King Asphalt, Inc., Liberty, SC
Crocker, Amy C.BSCE 2009Coleman-Snow Consultants, Charleston, SC
Croft, FrankPhD 1984Ohio State Univ
Crow, Harry FosterBSCE 2013
Crow, Harry FosterBSCE 2013
Crowder, DonBSCE 1973CH2M Hill - Lockwood Greene, Moore, SC
Crowley, Jamison M
Crowther, J. PatBSCE 1965Clemson University
Crumley, Hunter LBSCE 2009Greenville County, Greenville SC
Crump, Justin E
Csernak, Stephen F.BSCE 1974, MSCE 1976Clemson University
Culp, Trent H
Curry, James C.BSCE 1999Progress Energy, Bolivia, NC

Alumni Roster Request Form

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