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Civil Engineering Alumni Roster

The Civil Engineering Alumni Roster is based on information sent to us by the individual alumni listed below. If you are a Clemson Civil Engineering alumni and would like to be added to (or removed from) the list, please fill out the form below (scroll to bottom of page). The degrees listed are only those obtained from the CE Department at Clemson University.

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Name Graduated Current Employer
Jackson, Charles (Gene) E.BSCE 1982Spartanburg Water, Spartanburg, SC
Jackson, Eric D
Jackson, James WBSCE 2013
Jackson, James WBSCE 2013
Jackson, Travis NBSCE 2013Black & Veatch
Jackson, Travis NBSCE 2013
Jackson, Travis NBSCE 2013
Jacobs, AshleyBSCE 2001Walter P. Moore, Atlanta, GA
Jacobs, WillBSCE 2002, MSCE 2003SDL Structural Engineers, Atlanta, GA
Jacobson, Michael R
Jain, Christopher N
Jakhadi, SunilMSCE 2006RS&H Inc., Tampa, FL
Jansante, Jason CBSCE 2013
Jansante, Jason CBSCE 2013
Jarrell, Brandon E
Jarrett, Kyle D
Jaruzel, Ronald MBSCE 1999Miller Valentine Group
Javalkar, Gaurav MSCE 2005Ramboll
Jayaraj, Akhil
Jenkins, John E
Jenkins III, John Epting BSCE 2007PSI, Port St. Lucie, Florida
Jing, QingxinMSCE 2000JMI Engineers
Johnson, AdamBSCE 2009, MSCE 2010Oconee Nuclear Station, Duke Energy, Seneca, SC
Johnson, Daniel H.BSCE 2005University of Tennessee at Knoxville
Johnson, David L.BSCE 2001SCDOT, Dillon, SC
Johnson, Adam T
Johnson, Alan B
Johnson, Bruce TylerBSCE 2013SCDOT
Johnson, Earnest B
Johnson, Jason A
Johnson, Jennifer
Johnson, Joshua A
Johnson, Matthew S
Johnson, Maurice M
Johnson, Michael R
Johnson, Paul W
Johnson, Samuel RossBSCE 2013
Johnson, Samuel RossBSCE 2013
Johnson, Tracy L
Johnson, Tyler D
Johnson, Zachary DBSCE 2013
Johnson, Zachary DBSCE 2013
Johnson, Zachary D
Johnson, Zachary L
Johnson Jr, F. StevenBSCE 2001George A. Z. Johnson, Jr., Inc., Ravenel, SC
Johnston, Paul T
Joline, LewisBSCE 2010Boeing Company, Charleston, SC
Jones, D. TrevorBSCE 1996; MSCE 1998CH2M Hill, Spartanburg, SC
Jones, Eric GBSCE 2000Centennial Contractors Enterprises Inc
Jones, HayesBSCE 2004, MSCE 2005The Shaw Group
Jones, Thomas (Tom) G.BSCE 1992William G. Lapsley & Assoc., Hendersonville, NC
Jones, TommiBSCE 1992, MENGR 1995Clemson University
Jones, Victor C.BSCE 1983Department of Veteran Affairs, Atlanta, GA
Jones, Bryan LBSCE 1992SCDOT
Jones, Donald L.BSCE 1980SCANA
Jones, Kyle E
Jones, Ross M
Joplin, BlakeBSCE 1998Siplast, Clemson
Jordan, Harold D
Jordan, Jayson R.BSCE 2008, MSCE 2009S&ME
Joshi, Kaushik H
Juhasz, Aaron D
Jumper, Suzanne B
Juturu, Pradeep Kumar R

Alumni Roster Request Form

If you wish to be added to the list above, or if you are listed already but need to update your information, please complete the
Alumni Roster Request Form at the bottom of the alumni roster page.