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Civil Engineering Alumni Roster

The Civil Engineering Alumni Roster is based on information sent to us by the individual alumni listed below. If you are a Clemson Civil Engineering alumni and would like to be added to (or removed from) the list, please fill out the form below (scroll to bottom of page). The degrees listed are only those obtained from the CE Department at Clemson University.

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Name Graduated Current Employer
Nagalla, Sri Harsha MSCE 2015JCMS Inc
Nandagiri, SreekanthMSCE 1995AECOM, Raleigh, NC
Narapsetty, VijaykrishnaMSCE 2004Gresham Smith and Partners, Nashville, TN
Nauman, Craig H
Neal, IrisBSCE 2001SCDOT, Columbia, SC
Nease, Darren H.BSCE 2002Bunnell-Lammons Engineering, Greenville, SC
Necker, AndrewBSCE 1999The Whiting Turner Contracting Company
Needham, Patrick M
Nelson, Hunter W
Neptune, Andrew I
Neptune, Andrew IPhD 2013
Nerbun, Michael W
Nesbitt, Patrick EBSCE 2012
Nettles, Keilah M.BSCE 2000CH2M Hill/Lockwood Greene, Spartanburg, SC
Neuhaus, James E.BSCE 1976Rochester and Associates, Gainesville, GA
Newton, DavidBSCE 2008, MSCE 2010MeadWestvaco, North Charleston, SC
Newton, Lisa BSCE 2005BE&K Building Group, Inc., Washington DC
Nguyen, Phuc H
Nguyen, Tin DBSCE 2013
Nguyen, Tin DBSCE 2013
Nichols, DavidBSCE 2011Kleinfelder, Raleigh, NC
Nicholson, John C
Nickerson, StephenBSCE 2008Federal Aviation Administration
Niesen, Scott M.BSCE 1993Ragan-Smith Associates, Nashville, TN
Nikou, Tina
Nikovits, Meg D.BSCE 1999Reynolds, Smith & Hills, Inc.
Nixon, BryantBSCE 1993Triangle Construction Company, Inc., Greenville, S
Nixon, Gary E
Nobles, Kyle R
Nolan, Cecily M.BSCE 2001US Army Corps of Engineers, Sacramento, CA
Norville, Andrew T
Nova, Richard J
Noveletsky, Joshua MBSCE 2011Massachusetts DOT
Nunamaker, Taylor YBSCE 2014Tindall Corporation

Alumni Roster Request Form

If you wish to be added to the list above, or if you are listed already but need to update your information, please complete the
Alumni Roster Request Form at the bottom of the alumni roster page.