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Civil Engineering Alumni Roster

The Civil Engineering Alumni Roster is based on information sent to us by the individual alumni listed below. If you are a Clemson Civil Engineering alumni and would like to be added to (or removed from) the list, please fill out the form below (scroll to bottom of page). The degrees listed are only those obtained from the CE Department at Clemson University.

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Name Graduated Current Employer
Padmaprabhu, VidyanandMSCE 2003ICT, Pvt, Ltd, New Delhi, India
Page, Nicholas J
Page, Ryan W
Pagels, Andrew CBSCE 2011. MSCE 2013ADC Engineering
Paige, Frederick EBSCE 2013
Paige, Frederick EBSCE 2013
Palanisamy, Prashanth
Palazola, Peter J
Pamraj, RohithMSCE 2014Metromont Corp
Pamulapati, SurajMSCE 2003HDR Engineering, Inc., Orlando, FL
Pant, SamiMSCE 2013
Paradice, John BSCE 2007SC DOT, Columbia, SC
Paras, RyanBSCE 2006AMEC Industrial & Infrastructure Division, Greenvi
Park, Rhett ThorntonBSCE 2013
Park, Rhett ThorntonBSCE 2013
Parker, Ron "Jeff"BSCE 1989AECOM, Oakland, Ca
Parkes, Clay J
Parmelee, Shawn MBSCE 2012
Pate, MichaelBSCE 1976NAVFAC Southeast, Charleston, SC
Patel, NayanMSCE 2017Eichberg Construction
Patrick, Rebecca HunterBSCE 2007Davis & Floyd, Inc., Greenwood, SC
Patrick, Darcie M
Patrick, Rebecca A
Patskoski, Jason M
Patterson, Jason C
Pavy, Andrew L
Peake, Thomas SBSCE 2001, MSCE 2002Infinity Engineering, Tampa, FL
Pei, Bin
Pelicano, Joshua T
Perrotta, MikeBSCE 1993DMJM Harris, Inc., Baltimore, MD
Perry, Matthew T
Peters, Mark B.BSCE 1983Britt,Peters and Associates, Inc., Greenville, SC
Peterson, Justin EliotBSCE 2006, MSCE 2008ECS Carolinas
Petrovich, Carlos RBSCE 2012
Phifer, Andrew M
Phillips, Ashley E
Phillips, Donald J1996Design South Professionals, Inc., Anderson SC
Phillips, Ryne CMSCE 2013Wildlands Engineering, Inc.
Phillips, Stephanie N
Phillips, Tyler HughBSCE 2013Kiewit Infrastructure, Peachtree, Ga
Piccirilli, JoeBSCE 2004, BSCE 2005Kimley-Horn & Assoc., Inc., Raleigh, NC
Pickens, TheronBSCE 1990LandDesign, Inc., Fort Mill, SC
Pierce, Gene E.BSCE 2005Weston & Sampson, Columbia, SC
Pierotti, StevenBSCE 1989FAA
Pietras, Brian K.BSCE 1997, MSCE 2000Rickborn & Associates, LL, Mt. Pleasant, SC
Pitch, TrivisvavetMSCE 2012Tower Engineering Professionals
Pittman, Caleb J
Pitts, Daniel CBSCE 2009Willmer Engineering
Plemmons, KeithPh.D. 1995The Citadel, Charleston, SC
Plowden III, A. D. BSCE 1989Plowden Construction Co. Inc., Sumter, SC
Plumblee, Jeffery MBSCE 2008, MSCE 2010, PhD 2013
Pohlig, Jeffrey A
Polstra, Reid WilliamBSCE 2013
Polstra, Reid WilliamBSCE 2013
Pompa, Jeffrey E
Pool, Merideth K.BSCE 2003KHAFRA Engineering Consultants, North Augusta, SC
Poole, Ryan WMSCE 2013
Poore, Benjamin T
Pope, Richard A.BSCE 1986SCDOT, Georgetown, SC
Pope, Ryan L.BSCE 2000, MSCE 2003CMC-Caryt Engineering, Greenville, SC
Potter, Christopher M.BSCE 1989SCE&G, Irmo, SC
Poudel, ShamirMSCE 2001ARCADIS, Atlanta, GA
Powell, DavidBSCE 2003, PhD 2007Woolpert, Inc., Portsmouth, VA
Powell, WillyBSCE 2001Ward Edwards, Inc., Bluffton, SC
Powell, Andrew M
Powell, Joseph H
Powell, Lucas BarkleyBSCE 2013
Powell, Lucas BarkleyBSCE 2013
Power, RobertBSCE 1990Walter Taylor & Company, Columbia, SC
Powers, Danielle M
Prabhu, Saurabh A
Prescod, Andre P
Prescop, Christopher M
Price, Christopher L.BSCE 1998Bluewater Civil Design, LLC, Greenville, SC
Price, Kati HollandBSCE 1997SCDOT, Columbia, SC
Price, Thomas E
Pridmore, Helen WrennBSCE 2007The Shaw Group, Jenkinsville, SC
Pridmore, Michael J.BSCE 2007, MSCE 2008South Carolina Electric and Gas Company, Cayce, SC
Priester, Robert M
Prince, ReganBSCE 1998, MSCE 1999, PhD 2004Washington Group International
Prohaska, P. David BSCE 2007, MSCE 2008Seamon, Whiteside & Associates, Mt. Pleasant, SC
Prohaska, Michael W
Pruitt, ChristopherMSCE 2003, PhD 2004Gerdau Ameristee, Raleigh, NC
Pulley, James DBSCE 2014Gray Engineering Consultants, Greenville SC
Pulsifer, John M.BSCE 1979Professional Service Industries, Inc., Orlando, FL
Purvis, Ann M
Pusheck, Matthew EBSCE 2010 The Whiting-Turner Contracting Co. Baltimore, MD
Pusser, BuddyBSCE 2002Seamon, Whiteside & Associates, Inc., Mount Pleasa
Putman, BradBSCE 1998, MSCE 2000, PhD 2005Clemson University
Putman, Janeen SmithBSCE 1999Clemson University
Putman, Michael A.BSCE 2004, MSCE 2006Davis & Floyd, Inc., North Charleston, SC
Pyron, Rochelle GarrettBSCE 1986Florida DOT, Tampa, FL

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