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Civil Engineering Alumni Roster

The Civil Engineering Alumni Roster is based on information sent to us by the individual alumni listed below. If you are a Clemson Civil Engineering alumni and would like to be added to (or removed from) the list, please fill out the form below (scroll to bottom of page). The degrees listed are only those obtained from the CE Department at Clemson University.

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Name Graduated Current Employer
Wade, Timothy F.BSCE 1982Roberson-Wade Engineering, Inc., Pickens, SC
Waiters, SheldonBSCE 2008Constellation Energy Nuclear Group, MD
Walden, AlanaBSCE 2000, MSCE 2002Allan and Conrad, Inc., Winter Park, FL
Waldrop, JonathanBSCE 2001CH2M Hill
Walker, Hope BlackwellBSCE 2004, MSCE 2005Black & Veatch, Greenville, SC
Walker, ReidBSCE 2002Carolina Engineering Service, Inc.
Walker, James L
Wallace, James MBSCE 2012
Wallace, Taylor G
Walters, Ryan M
Wang, Wenjun (Wayne)MSCE 1997Southern Company, Atlanta, GA
Wang, HanMSCE 2013China Airport Construction Group Corporation, Beijing, China
Ward, AdamBSCE 2007Keck and Wood, Inc., Duluth, GA
Ward, John Z
Ware, Danny M.BSCE 1991Davis & Floyd, Inc., Greenwood, SC
Ware, Kathryn S.BSCE 1985K. S. Ware & Associates, Nashville, TN
Wargo, Lauren ABSCE 2011
Warren, ToddBSCE 2004Davis & Floyd, Inc.
Warren, WalterBSCE 1985Thomas & Hutton, Myrtle Beach, SC
Washington, Katrina N. BSCE 2001, MSCE 2002NC DOT, Raleigh, NC
Waterhouse, WillBSCE 2009Envirocon, Inc., Golden, CO
Watson, Jacob B
Watson, Marla NBSCE 2011
Watson, Ronald N
Watts, MichaelBSCE 2007RW Armstrong, Indianapolis, IN
Way, Adam C.BSCE 2003BP Barber, Columbia, SC
Weatherly, Michael EBSCE 1979M. E. Weatherly, P.E., Consulting Environmental & Civil
Weaver, David L.BSCE 1986AECOM, Morgantown, WV
Webb, Bryan D.BSCE 1995Davis & Floyd, Inc., Charleston SC
Webb, Jeff BSCE 1995ADC Engineering Inc., Charleston SC
Webb, M. Keith BSCE 1979McGill Associates, PA, Asheville, NC
Webb, Byron K
Weber, AngelaMSCE 2000JMI Engineers
Webster, BillyBSCE 1993Ducks Unlimited, Inc., Charleston, SC
Welch, Adam A
Wells, JeffBSCE 1986, MSCE 1988Black & Veatch, Greenville, SC
Wells, Lisa HannahBSCE 1989, MSCE 1991City of Greenville
West, Donald W (Tripp)BSCE 2010, MSCE 2013Davis & Floyd, Inc.
West, EdwardBSCE 1981Hogan Construction Group
Wheat, ThomasBSCE 1995TJW Engineering Inc., Irvine, CA
Wheatley, LeeBSCE 1972, MSCE 1973PM&A Consulting Engineers, Augusta, Georgia
White, Kyle A
White, Richard A
Whitelock, CodyBSCE 2015Barnhill
Whiteside, Stuart D.BSCE 1978, MSCE 1979Seamon, Whiteside and Associates, Inc., Mt. Pleasa
Whitin, BrettBSCE 1997, MSCE 1999National Weather Service - California-Nevada River
Whitlock, A. RhettBSCE 2003Whitlock, Darlymple, Poston, & Assoc., Inc., Manas
Whitlock, A. RichardBSCE 1979, PhD 1983Hayes, James and Associates, Atlanta, GA
Whittington, JonathanBSCE 2008RK&K
Wicker, Andrew T
Wicks, Kenneth T
Wiese, Benjamin D
Wiliford, BrettBSCE 2000USACE, Savannah, GA
Wilkes, Waverly TuckerBSCE 2013Granite Services International
Williams, BenBSCE 2004TIC, Heavy Marine and Civil Group, Savannah, GA
Williams, GregBSCE 2002SCDOT, Chesterfield, SC
Williams, JamieBSCE 2010AMEC, Greenville, SC
Williams, Mary-Halis AlkisBSCE 2001, MSCE 2004US Army Corps of Engineers, Savannah, GA
Williams, Christopher L
Williams, James T
Williams, Joshua W
Williams, Matthew G
Williamson, Howard D
Willingham, Phillip A
Willis, Hayden M.BSCE 2007, MSCE 2008The Shaw Group, Charlotte, NC
Wilson, McLeanBSCE 2005, MSCE 2006Thomas & Hutton Engineering Co., Mount Pleasant, S
Wilson, Michael W.BSCE 1988Ward Edwards, Inc., Beaufort, SC
Wilson, AndrewBSCE 2014Infrastructure Consulting & Engineering
Wingard, David W.BSCE 2005, MSCE 2007, PhD 2011Quikrete
Winks, JonathanBSCE 2007Vanasse Hangen Brustlin, Inc., Richmond, VA
Winslett, Anna M
Wolfe, Bryan LBSCE 2015Brasfield & Gorrie
Woltz, Ryan MBSCE 2012
Wood, BryanBSCE 1982O'Neal Inc., North Charleston, SC
Wood, Jennifer B.BSCE 1994, MPA 2005Davis & Floyd Inc., Greenville, SC
Wood, Robert C
Woodbury, ScottBSCE 2004Duke Energy
Woodfin, Nicholas F
Woodrum, Amanda J
Worachek, SarahBSCE 2007Gresham Smith and Partners, Alpharetta, GA
Wright, Forrest K
Wright, Michael H
Wright Jr, Benjamin (Jamie) C.BSCE 1983B.P.Barber & Associates, Columbia, SC
Wuenschel, JacobBSCE 2003Terracon Consulting Engineers and Scientists, San
Wurst III, James EBSCE 2010, MSCE 2011MeadWestvaco Corp, N Charleston, SC
Wyatt, ScottBSCE 1993KPFF Consulting Engineers, Chicago IL

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