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Dr. Amy E Landis

Thomas F. Hash '69 Endowed Chair
Professor, Glenn Department of Civil Engineering

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Areas of Interest:

Dr. Landis' research interests include industrial ecology, byproduct synergies, biofuels, biopolymers, and Life Cycle Assessment. She approaches sustainability research from a multi-disciplinary perspective, and seeks out new, interesting, and challenging collaborations.

"If we take a survey of the greatest actions…in the world…we shall find the authors of them all to have been persons whose Brains had been shaken out of their natural position." John Adams

Ph.D., 2007, University of Illinois at Chicago
M.S., 2003, University of Illinois at Chicago
B.S. 2001, Denison University, Ohio

Classes typically taught:
Earth Systems Engineering and Management
Stochastic Methods And Statistics for Sustainable Engineering
Research Methods in Sustainability
Design for the Environment

Professional Service:
Member of Leadership Team for the International Conference on Sustainable Design, Engineering and Construction (ICSDEC 2012) and the Sustainability and Resilience Summit  (2013-­‐present)

Organized workshop at ISSST “Sustainable Healthcare” with participants from industry and academia. International Symposium on Sustainable Systems and Technology  (ISSST), Oakland, CA, May 19-­‐21, 2014.

Organized workshop at ISSST “Impostor Syndrome”. International Symposium on Sustainable Systems and Technology (ISSST), May 15-­‐17, 2013, Cincinnati, OH.

Conference Committee for IEEE ISSST (2009-­‐2013)

Executive Board member for International Society for Industrial Ecology (ISIE) (2009-­‐ 2010)

Session Chair LCA8 Conference (2008) Session Chair InLCA Conference (2007)

Phipps Conservatory Living Building Challenge advisory Committee (2007-­‐2009)

Phipps Center for Sustainable Landscapes planning Committee (2008-­‐2009)

Google Scholar Citations (Visit the page for up-to-date list)

Sample Publications: ( Primary Student Advisees Underlined)

Hottle, Troy A., Melissa M. Bilec, Amy E. Landis (2015). “Toward zero waste: Composting and recycling for sustainable venue based events.” Waste Management. Accepted.

Campion, Nicole, Cassandra L. Thiel, Noe Copley-­‐Woods, Leah Swanzy, Amy E. Landis, Melissa M. Bilec (2015). “Sustainable Healthcare and Environmental Life-­‐Cycle Impacts of Disposable Supplies: A Focus on Disposable Custom Packs.” Journal of Cleaner Production. Accepted.

Thiel, Cassandra L., Matthew Eckelman, Richard Guido, Matthew Huddleston, Amy E. Landis, Jodi Sherman, Scott O. Shrake, Noe Copley-­‐Woods, Melissa M. Bilec (2015). “Environmental Impacts of Surgical Procedures: Life Cycle Assessment of Hysterectomy in the United States.” Environmental Science & Technology. In Press.

Soratana, Kullapa, Cheyenne L. Harden, George G. Zaimes, Daina Rasutis, Claire L. Antaya, Vikas Khanna, and Amy E. Landis. (2014) "The role of sustainability and life cycle thinking in US biofuels policies." Energy Policy. 75, pp. 316-­‐326.

Mattick, Carolyn S., Amy E. Landis, Braden R. Allenby (2014) “A Case for Systemic Environmental Analysis of Cultured Meat.” Journal of Integrative Agriculture. 14 (2) pp 249-­‐254. DOI 10.1016/S2095-­‐3119(14)60885-­‐6

William O. Collinge, Amy E. Landis, Laura A. Schaefer, Melissa M. Bilec (2014) “Productivity metrics in dynamic LCA for whole buildings: Using a post-­‐occupancy evaluation of energy and indoor environmental quality tradeoffs” Building and Environment. 82, pp. 339-­‐348.

Scott R. Unger, Amy E. Landis (2014). “Comparative life cycle assessment of reused versus disposable dental burs” The International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment. 19 (9) pp 1623-­‐1631.

Soratana, Kullapa, William J. Barr, Amy E. Landis (2014). “Effects of Co-­‐products on the Life-­‐Cycle Impacts of Microalgal Biodiesel” Bioresource Technology. 159, p 157-­‐166.

Xue, Xiaobo and Amy E. Landis (2014). “Evaluating Agricultural Management Practices to Improve the Environmental Footprint of Corn-­‐Derived Ethanol” Renewable Energy 66, p. 454-­‐460.

Ranjani Theregowda, Radisav Vidic, David A. Dzombak and Amy E. Landis (2014). “Life Cycle Impact Analysis of Tertiary Treatment Alternatives to Treat Secondary Municipal Wastewater for Reuse in Cooling Systems” Environmental Progress & Sustainable Energy. 34(1) pp 178-­‐187 doi: 10.1002/ep.11938

Xi Zhao, Jason D. Monnell, Briana Niblick, Christopher D. Rovensky, Amy E. Landis (2014). “The Viability of Biofuel Production on Urban Marginal Land: An Analysis of Metal Contaminants and Energy Balance for Pittsburgh's Sunflower Gardens” Landscape and Urban Planning. 124, pp 22-­‐23.

Weschler, Matthew, William J. Barr, Willie F. Harper, Jr., Amy E. Landis (2014). “Process energy comparison for the production and harvesting of algal biomass as a biofuel feedstock.” Bioresource Technology. 153, p 108-­‐115.

Rothermel, Monica C., Amy E. Landis, William J. Barr, Kullapa Soratana, Kayla M.  Reddington, Matthew K. Weschler, Grace Witter, and Willie F. Harper, Jr. (2013). “A Life Cycle Assessment Based Evaluation of a Coupled Wastewater Treatment and Biofuel Production Paradigm.” Journal of Environmental Protection. 4 (9), p 1018-­‐ 1033.

Theregowda, Ranjani B., Ming-­‐Kai Hsieh, Michael E. Walker, Amy E. Landis, Javad Abbasian, Radisav Vidic, David A. Dzombak (2013). “Life cycle costs to treat secondary municipal wastewater for reuse in cooling systems.” Journal of Water Reuse and Desalination. 3 (3), p 224-­‐238.

Thiel, Cassandra L., Nicole Campion, Amy E. Landis, Alex K. Jones, Laura A. Schaefer, Melissa M. Bilec. (2013) “A Materials Life Cycle Assessment of a Net-­‐Zero Energy Building.” Energies, 6, p 1125-­‐1141.

Hottle, Troy, Melissa M. Bilec and Amy E. Landis (2013). “Sustainability assessments of bio-­‐based polymers.” Polymer Degradation and Stability. 98 (9) p 1898-­‐1907.

Soratana, Kullapa, Vikas Khanna, Amy E. Landis. (2013) “Re-­‐envisioning the Renewable Fuel Standard to Minimize Unintended Consequences: A comparison of microalgal diesel with other biodiesels.” Applied Energy, 112 p 194-­‐204.

Collinge, William O., Amy E. Landis, Alex K. Jones, Laura Schaefer, Melissa M. Bilec (2013). “Indoor environmental quality in a dynamic life cycle assessment framework for whole buildings: Focus on human health chemical impacts.Building and Environment. 62, p 182-­‐190.

Shrake, Scott O. Melissa M. Bilec, Amy E. Landis (2013). “The application of a multi-­‐faceted approach for evaluating and improving the life cycle environmental performance of service industries.” Journal of Cleaner Production, 42, p 263-­‐276.

Collinge, William O., Amy E. Landis, Alex K. Jones, Laura Schaefer, Melissa M. Bilec (2013). “Dynamic Life Cycle Assessment: Framework and Application to an Institutional Building.” The International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment. 18 (3), p 538-­‐552.

Christi L. Saunders, Amy E. Landis, Laurel P. Mecca, Alex K. Jones, Laura A. Schaefer, Melissa M. Bilec (2013). “Analyzing the Practice of Life Cycle Assessment: Focus on the Building Sector.” Journal of Industrial Ecology. 17 (5) p 777-­‐788.

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Neethi Rajagopalan, Melissa M. Bilec, Amy E. Landis. (2010) “Residential Life Cycle Modeling: Comparative case Study of Insulating Concrete Forms and Traditional Building Materials” Journal of Green Buildings. 5 (3) pp 95-­‐106.




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