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Dr. Da Li

Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering


Areas of Interest:
Human Building Interaction
Building Energy and Environments
Smart Buildings and Cities 
Occupant Behavior

B.S., Construction Engineering and Management, 2014, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China
M.S., Construction Engineering and Management, 2015, University of Michigan
M.S., Robotics, 2019, University of Michigan 
Ph.D., Civil Engineering, 2019, University of Michigan

Classes Typically Taught:
CE 3520 Economic Evaluation of Project
CE 8930 Sustainability of Civil Infrastructure Systems

Professional Society Memberships:
American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) 
Construction Research Council (CRC)

Google scholar link:

Sample Publications:

Li, D., Menassa, C. C., Kamat, V. R., & Byon, E. (2020). HEAT-Human Embodied Autonomous Thermostat. Building and Environment, 106879.

Li, D., Menassa, C. C., and Kamat, V. R., (2019). “Networked thermal cameras for robust, low-cost, and non-intrusive interpretation of human thermal comfort in built environments.” Applied Energy, 251, 113336.

Li, D., Xu, X., Chen, C.F., and Menassa, C. C., (2019). “Exploring the drivers of energy-saving behaviors in the workplace: The integrated Motivation-Opportunity-Ability approach.” Energy Research & Social Science, 51, 198-209.

Li, D., Menassa, C. C., and Kamat, V. R., (2018). “Non-intrusive interpretation of human thermal comfort through analysis of facial infrared thermography.” Energy and Buildings, 176, 246-261.

Li, D., Menassa, C. C., and Kamat, V. R., (2017). “Personalized human comfort in indoor building environments under diverse conditioning modes.” Building and Environment, 126, 304-317.

Li, D., Menassa, C. C., and Karatas, A., (2017). “Energy use behaviors in buildings: Towards an integrated conceptual framework.” Energy Research & Social Science, 23, 97-112.

Rackham Predoctoral Fellowship, 2019
Science Communication Award for Advanced Research Competition, 2018 
John L. Tishman Fellowship and Rackham Block Grant, 2016 
Tishman Master’s Fellowship, 2015 



Dr. Da Li
Office:  Lowry 208
Phone: (864) 656-3003