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Dr. Bryant G. Nielson

Professor of Practice in Civil Engineering

Areas of Interest:
Structural Reliability
Highway Bridge Behavior
Earthquake Engineering
Nonlinear Analysis

B.S., Civil Engineering, 1998, Utah State University
M.S., Civil Engineering, 2000, Utah State University
Ph.D., Civil Engineering, 2005, Georgia Institute of Technology

Classes typically taught:
CE 2060 Structural Mechanics
CE 3010 Structural Analysis
CE 4010/6010 Matrix Structural Analysis
CE 4080/6080 Structural Loads and Systems
CE 8050 Advanced Mechanics
CE 8060 Structural Dynamics

Professional Registration:
Professional Engineer in Utah

Professional Society Membership:
American Society of Civil Engineers
American Institute of Steel Construction
Structural Engineers Association of South Carolina

Nielson, B. G. & McCormac, J. C. (In preparation) "Structural Analysis: Understanding Behavior," John Wiley & Sons, Inc.,  Hoboken, NJ (published in Fall of 2016) – pre-print already in use

Sample Publications:
Shivarudrappa, R. & Nielson, B. G. (2013) “Sensitivity of Load Distribution in Light-Framed Wood Roof Systems Due to Typical Modeling Parameters.”  ASCE Journal of Constructed Facilities, 27(3), 222-234.

Edmonson, C., Schiff, S. D. & Nielson, B. G. (2012) “Behavior of Light-Framed Wood Roof-to-Wall Connectors Using Aged Lumber and Multiple Connection Mechanisms.” ASCE Journal of Constructed Facilities, 26, 26-37.

Mackie, K. R., Cronin, K. J. & Nielson, B. G. (2011) “Response Sensitivity of Highway Bridges to Randomly Oriented Multi-Component Earthquake Excitation.”  Journal of Earthquake Engineering, 15(6), 850-876.

Shanmugam, B., Nielson, B. G. & Schiff, S. D. (2011) “Multi-Axial Assessment of Typical Light-Frame Roof-to-Wall Metal Connectors.”   Engineering Structures, 33, 3125-3135.

Shanmugam, B., Nielson, B. G. & Prevatt, D.O. (2009) “Statistical and Analytical Models for Roof Components in Existing Light-Framed Wood Structures.”   Engineering Structures, 31(11), 2607-2616.

Padgett, J. E., Nielson, B. G. & DesRoches, R. (2008) “Selection of Optimal Intensity Measure for Use in Probabilistic Seismic Demand Models of Highway Bridge Portfolios” Earthquake Engineering and Structural Dynamics, 37(4), 711-725.

Padgett, J. E., DesRoches, R., Nielson, B. G. Yashinsky, M., Kwon, O.-S., Burdette, N., Tavera, E. (2008) "Bridge Damage and Repair Costs Caused by Hurricane Katrina" Journal of Bridge Engineering, 13(1), 6-14.

Nielson, B. G. & DesRoches, R. (2007) “Seismic Performance Assessment of Simply Supported and Continuous Multi-Span Concrete Girder Highway Bridges.” ASCE Journal of Bridge Engineering, 12(5), 611-620.

 Nielson, B. G. & DesRoches, R. (2007) "Analytical Seismic Fragility Curves for Typical Bridges in the Central and Southeastern United States." Earthquake Spectra, EERI 23(3), 615-633.

Nielson, B. G. & DesRoches, R. (2006) “Seismic Fragility Methodology for Highway Bridges Using a Component Level Approach.” Earthquake Engineering and Structural Dynamics, 36(5), 823-839.


Dennis J. Nielsen
Contact Information:
Phone: (864) 656-3312

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