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Construction Engineering and Management

In today's competitive global economy, there is an increasing need for construction managers who have the ability to respond to the changing technical, organizational, and managerial environments within the engineering and construction industry. Today's construction organizations require managers who are well versed in all phases of projects, understand many different contracting strategies, and are able to communicate with all the many parties involved in a project. These managers must have leadership skills, be environmentally aware, and have a global perspective. They must be attuned to achieving satisfaction among their many customers by means of open communication, team work, and a commitment to achieving a quality project at a competitive price.

A wide range of Civil Engineering courses are offered within the Construction Engineering and Management program. Many of these courses stress the use of team building skills through group assignments and include the utilization of case studies that apply to real world problems. As a supplement to their Civil Engineering courses, students are encouraged to select courses offered by the Clemson University departments of Computer Science, Experimental Statistics, Management, Construction Science, Architectural Studies, and Environmental Systems Engineering. A Construction Computer Laboratory, equipped with unique software packages utilized within the construction industry, is available for executing both course work and research assignments.