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Graduate Fellowships

Glenn Graduate Fellowship - 

2021 Ian Stewart

Glenn Graduate Teaching Fellow:  This fellowship is designed to meet two goals: 1) improve the marketability of our PhD graduates desiring a career in academics and 2) improve the level of instruction in undergraduate courses.  

2021 Sababa Islam

Kimely-Horn and Associates Graduate Fellowship - The Fellowship is given to the student judged by the Graduate Program Committee to be the best applicant to the graduate program in the Fall semester each year. Former recipients of the Kimley-Horn Fellowship include:

1987 Autumn Lynn Patterson 1989 Kim Martin
1990 Kevin Burton 1991 Scott Walkowicz
1996 David Prevatt 1998 Brad Putman and Heather Bessette
2001 Jeoffrey Woppershall 2002 Matthew Edwards
2003 Adam Gibson and Joshua Stamm 2004 Ryan Fries and Christopher Iser
2005 Carol Hamlin and Clayton Putnam 2006 Stuart Day and Kyle Moody
2007 Brandon Aveille and Gabriel Dobbs 2008 Jenna Sapp and Joshua Johnson
2009 Laura Vollmer Lee Tupper 2010 Lee Tupper and Laura Vollmer
2011 Kevin Baumann and Andrew Coletta 2012 Kevin Baumann and Matthew Egeberg
2013 Brian Maleck and David Cousins 2014 Angela Painter and Joshua Mitchell
2015 Mikayla Bladlow and Laura Matney 2016 Andrew Proctor and Mengzhe (Eric) Gu
2017 Andrew Proctor and Mengzhe (Eric) Gu 2018 Katherine Brunk and Sereen Majdalaweyh
2019 Thomas Shirley and Sachin Sreedhara 2020 Juliann Lloyd
2021 Deanna Craig and Christian Herrygers

The Aniket Shrikhande Memorial Annual Graduate Fellowship and Assistantship was established by the Shrikhande family to honor the memory of Aniket ('06 M.S. CE). Aniket cherished his experience at Clemson as a civil engineering graduate student, and his family is graciously and generously honoring his memory by enhancing the Clemson experience for others. The purpose of the fund is to provide assistance to civil engineering students who are pursuing their graduate education with geotechnical engineering emphasis. 

2009-2010 Md. Akhtar Hossain and T. Corbett Miller 2010 Mahdieh Heidari


Eleanor Huggins 2011 Zhe Jerry Lou


Shimelies Aboye 2012-2013 Wenping Gong and
Nagathavabalasubramanium Mahinthakumar

Lei Wang

2014 Wenping Gong
2014 Shweta Shrestha 2014 Michael P. Esposito
2015 Zhengshou Lai 2015 Sara Khoshnevisan
2016 Joshua Guthro and Chaofeng Wang 2016 Shweta Shrestha
2017 Zakla Tasmin and 
Tarshikka Vickneswaran
2018 Vahidreza Mohmoudabadi Arani
2018-2019 Barnabas Bwambale and Zhengshou Lai 2019 Feiyang Chen
2020 Camelius Amevorku and Tarshikka Vickneswaran 2021 Vishnu Saketh Jella and Zakia Tasnim

The Slade F. Exley Endowed Fellowship in Transportation Engineering provides fellowships for Civil Engineering college graduates who are pursuing a graduate degree in transportation engineering within the Civil Engineering Department with the intent of pursuing a career as a traffic/transportation engineer. Recipients will be citizens of the United States and will be selected in their senior year.  Preference should be given to students who are presently serving or have served in the United States Armed Forces or Reserve.

2011-2012 Laura Rowe
2012-2013 Andrew Stokes
2014-2015 Stephen Frye
2018-2019 Max Teddy
2019-2020 Matthew Stanley
2020-2021 David Ham and Russ Holt

Outstanding Graduate Lab Assistant -This award was established in 2006 and is awarded to the outstanding graduate lab assistant in civil engineering.  The selection of the recipients is the responsibility of the Graduate Program Committee and is based on the student assessment of lab instructors. 

2008 Matt Schuster 2009 Matthew Lucas
2010 Cole Edmonson and Shada Krishnapillai 2011 Jerry Lou
2012 Masood Shirazi 2013 Ahkter Hossain and Patrick Murphy
2014 Kweku Brown 2015  Kweku Brown
2016 Barnabus Bwambale 2017 Shweta Shrestha
2018 Wenxin Liu and Barsha Neupane 2019 Harish Kondura
2020 Fengjaio Zou, Max Teddy 2021 Camilius Amevorku, Matthew Stanley

James Edwin Clark Fellowship - Awarded to the outstanding graduate student enrolled in the Civil Engineering graduate program with the intent of pursuing a career as a traffic/transportation engineer. Dr. Clark served as a professor of civil engineering at Clemson for 26 years. 

2013 Katelyn Love 2014 Melissa Gende
2015 Bryanna Saunders 2016 McKenzie Keehan
2017 Andrew Proctor 2018 David Marasco
2019 Mhafuzul Islam and Adika Iqbal 2020 Weimin Jin and Jaiyun Shen
2021 Emmanuel Adjei,  Md Zadid Khan and Fengjiao Zou

David and Eleanor Rozendale Emerging Leaders Fellowship - The purpose is to provide graduate fellowships for students enrolled or enrolling ino the Glenn Department of Civil Engineering. In the past, this fellowship has been used to support students presenting at national and international conference.  Other worthy activities may be considered. 

2021 Alyssa Leanman

Engineering "ART" Fellowship - The donor’s great wish is that all engineers would appreciate the great importance of conjoining engineering with the arts and each on would ‘serve the world with the mind of a scientist and the soul of a poet’.”  This fellowship is used to support students' national or international internships like experience. Other experiences can be considered.