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IIIA. Safety Training

All Clemson employees/students who work in research labs in Earle Hall must take the appropriate safety training and be oriented by the PI ("Principal Investigator," usually the professor in charge of research) responsible for the lab. (The only exceptions are custodial and facilities maintenance staff.)

This section will outline the responsibilities to assure proper training is received.

1.) General

There is a file in the ChE Office (123 Earle) containing safety training records for each employee/student, grouped by PI. This file should not leave the office.

2.) Responsibilities

Departmental Safety Coordinator:
The Safety Coordinator will give overall supervision of Safety Training issues, and perform an accuracy audit of the file twice a year (July and October).

Departmental Safety Technician:
The Safety Technician will assist the PIs and employee/students in Safety Training issues, assure the training records are in place, and assist in the accuracy audit.

Departmental Student Services Administrator:
The Administrator will provide training record forms for each new Employee/Student, will keep the training file, and will assist in the accuracy audit.

Principle Investigators (PI's):
The PIs are ultimately responsible to assure the employees/students working in their research labs have the proper safety training. The PIs should determine which training is required and assure that training is accomplished. PIs should give all new employees/students a lab-specific orientation, including safety concerns.

The employee/student will receive the training and update the office file.

3.) Questions

Employees/students with questions about safety training can contact the lab PI, the Departmental Safety Technician (, or the Departmental Safety Coordinator (

4.) In-House Training

Some training can be received in the building. Contact the Lab PI or the Departmental Safety Technician (

5.) Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) Training

EH&S training can be received in class form by contacting Naomi Kelly (, or on-line at