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Dan D. Edie, Ph.D.

Dr. Dan EdieDow Chemical Professor Emeritus and Research Professor
High Performance Fibers, Composite Materials, Polymer
Processing, and Rheology
Phone: 864-656-4535
Office: 208 Earle Hall


Ph.D., University of Virginia, 1972
M.S., University of Toledo, 1969
B.S., Ohio University, 1965

Research Interests:

Rheology, Mathematical Modeling, Advanced Materials

Composite materials, high-performance fibers, polymer processing and rheology are the primary research interests of Professor Edie. In past research he and his students have discovered techniques that dramatically increase the physical and thermal properties of carbon and liquid-crystalline fibers and improve their performance in composite materials.  Professor Edie and his students have also studied the viscoelastic behavior of liquid crystalline materials. Based on this information, they have created visual 3D models for predicting the development of structure during the formation of liquid-crystalline fibers and films. These models permit critical process variables to be recognized and allow better design and control of high performance fiber processes.

Professor Edie has applied a similar approach to create activated carbon fibers that are designed to adsorb specific molecules. In a collaborative effort with Dr. Thies and his students, pitch precursors are being produced with specific molecular structures. This unprecedented control precursor chemistry, combined with careful control of process conditions, has allowed them to produce activated carbon fibers with specific pore structures. Applications for these fibers range from environmental remediation to hydrogen storage.

Selected Publications/h3>

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Makradi A, Ahzi S, Gregory RV, Edie DD. "A Two-Phase Self-Consistent Model for the Deformation and Phase Transformation Behavior of Polymers above the Glass Transition Temperature: Application to PET," International Journal of Plasticity, 21: 741-758 (2005).

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