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Frequently Asked Questions

This page will be updated with frequently asked questions regarding undergraduate academic advising.

Q. Who is my advisor?
You will be assigned a primary advisor. To find your advisor, use iROAR to access DegreeWorks. Your advisor's name will be listed at the top of your DegreeWorks audit.

Q. Why was I assigned a new advisor?
The School of Computing uses professional staff advisors for first- and second-year students, generally until students finish their 2000-level CPSC coursework). Faculty advisors are assigned to third- and fourth-year students who can best assist in answering questions related to discipline areas within computer science and computer information systems.  Occasionally, staffing changes may result in a new advisor being assigned.

Q. How do I view any holds that would prevent me from registering for classes?
In iROAR, visit Student > Student Profile > Holds.  You should contact the office that initiated the hold to find out how to clear it.

Q.  How do I know when I can register for classes? Each student is assigned a registration time ticket. You may check your registration time ticket in iROAR by clicking on Student > Student Profile > Registration Notices.

Q. A CPSC-, DPA-, or HCC-prefixed course is full when I try to register.  What should I do?
If a class has an available waitlist, you should enroll on the waitlist.   If any available seats open (e.g., an enrolled student switches out of the class or more seats become available), the next available person on the waitlist will receive an automated email allowing him or her to register for the course.  Note, the amount of time that a student has to register once receiving a notification is time-limited, so make sure you check your Clemson email address daily while on the waitlist (even over breaks).  Please see the Registrar's waitlist information page for more details regarding the waitlisting process.

If the course does not have a waitlist available, you may use the "Request Closed Section" feature in iROAR to request a seat.

Note, the best method for ensuring you get into the classes that you need is to register as soon as your time ticket opens.

Q. How do I change my major to computer science or computer information systems?
To change your major into computer science or computer information systems, you must have a 2.0 GPA.  If you meet these requirements, please use iROAR to submit a Change of Academic Program request. Please see the Registrar's page on information for changing academic programs for more information.

Q. How do I change my major from computer science to a new major?
You should use CU Navigate to schedule an appointment to discuss the new major's requirements and expectations--these appointments are typically called "explore". Once you've met with an advisor in the new department, you can use iROAR to submit a Change of Academic Program request.  Please see the Registrar's page on information for changing academic programs for more information.

Q. I'd like to take a course over the summer at a college closer to home.  What do I need to do?
For non CPSC-prefixed courses, you should check the Transfer Course Equivalency List (TCEL) to make sure the course will be accepted at Clemson. Print out an Approval of Coursework to be Taken Elsewhere form and use CU Navigate to schedule an appointment with Ms. Menefee or Ms. Green. For CPSC-prefixed coursework (which may have a prefix of CS or CSCI at another institution), you will need to make an appointment with Dr. Plaue. Please bring a printout of the syllabus of the course in question.  You need to complete this paperwork prior to taking a class at another institution.

Q. If I received a D in a Computer Science Course, do I have to retake it?
Check your undergraduate announcements for any policies and procedures.  Generally, if a CPSC course is counting towards your degree in any way but "general electives", you must retake that class for a C or higher.