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Undergraduate Advising

Academic advising is required of all undergraduate degree majors prior to being cleared to register for classes. The goal of an academic advising session is for students and their advisor to work together to develop an academic plan that helps students reach their academic goals. Academic advisors are here to help you with your academic planning, but remember that this is your academic career.

Advising Appointments:

Use the link on the left to schedule an appointment for academic advising.
Note, if you are a no show to an appointment, you may be restricted from scheduling appointments in the future and instead have to use your advisor's walk-in hours.

Advising Team:

Dr. Chris Plaue Undergraduate Program Coordinator &
Advisor: CS & CIS
McAdams 106 864.656.6933
Ms. Kristi Cabrera Academic Advisor: First & Second Year CS & CIS, Bridge Program McAdams 113 864.656.1772
Ms. Kourtney Kirby Academic Advisor: First & Second Year CS & CIS McAdams 111 864.656.0944
Dr. Rose Lowe Academic Advisor: CS & CIS McAdams 316 864.656.3445
Dr. Yvon Feaster Academic Advisor: CS & CIS McAdams 301 864.656.1266
Mr. Sal LaMarca Academic Advisor: CS & CIS McAdams 306 864.656.6640
Mr. Kevin Plis Academic Advisor: CS & CIS McAdams 214 864.656.5778

Student Responsibilities

  • Takes responsibility for academic planning by reviewing degree requirements prior to an academic advising as well as reviewing degree progress in DegreeWorks and looking at the list of available courses in iROAR
  • Prepares a tentative list of courses and electives that he or she wishes to take
  • Schedules an appointment with their academic advisor using the appointment mechanism
  • Seeks available help from course instructors, the Academic Success Center, or other university services when needed
  • Reviews academic policies as listed in the Undergraduate Announcements
  • Communicates with the advising staff using his or her official Clemson email address

Advisor Responsibilities

  • Helps students choose a degree program that is the right fit with the students' abilities and interests
  • Recommends academic options such as second degrees, minors, certificate programs
  • Assists students in selecting classes that satisfy the students' educational goals
  • Evaluates progress towards academic and life goals

Additional Resources

  • Clemson's Academic Success Center was founded in 2001 to enhance student learning and development. The ASC provides a variety of services to help students meet their educational goals, including tutoring.
  • The Michelin Career Center provides career workshops, resume critiques, career planning guides, and career counseling services.
  • The Redfern Health Center's Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) offers a range of services including a 24-hour on-call service.