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Spring 2018 Special Topics Courses

Available CPSC 4820/6820 Courses
Spring 2018

Section 004:  Cloud Computing Architecture
Instructor:  Amy Apon
Offered: Clemson Main Campus

Description: This course covers the history and background of cloud computing, the essential technical knowledge needed to build applications in the cloud, and the hardware and software systems for architecting a cloud application environment.  The course will utilize cloud services.  Students will learn cloud computing skills and use these skills in a project based on a real-world problem.

Prerequisite: CPSC 3600 (or a comparable network programming course) and be comfortable reading/writing scripts using common scripting languages (e.g., Bash, Python, Java).  It is recommended that students have background in some or all of the following: cluster and distributed systems concepts (e.g., CPSC 3620), installation and management of Windows and Linux operating systems and packaged deployments (e.g., RPM, Deb, Yum), file systems and storage, access control and identity management, cryptography algorithms and how they are applied (e.g., asymmetric, symmetric, message digest, hash), database technologies, and version control solutions.

Section 005:  Tangible and Embodied Interaction
Instructor:  Brygg Ullmer
Offered: Clemson Main Campus

Description: Design and implementation of software and hardware systems toward realization of tangible and embodied interfaces.  Discusses techniques for mixed physical and virtual representation and control of computationally-mediated systems.  Includes hands-on projects designing and realizing tracked physical tokens, multitouch systems, embedded electronics, physical fabrication, and architectural installations.

Prerequisite: CPSC 2120 and CPSC 2150