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Aaron Gordon

Aaron Gordon:

Challenge: Provide Access to Clean Water
Bio for Spotlight: As a GCS Scholar, I have been focusing the majority of my work on engineering in the developing world. Through other organizations, I have been involved on designing multiple water treatment systems along with other projects that address the lack of infrastructure in the Global South. In 2015, I spent almost eight months living in Haiti and working as a project engineer for Clemson Engineers for Developing Countries (CEDC). You can read more about my experience here:
Research: Sustainable Transportation Systems in the Developing world, plan to have several publications related to CEDC and projects in Haiti
Interdisciplinary Curriculum: POSC 1020, SPAN 2010, Several Honors seminars in public policy, BIOL 1110
Entrepreneurship: Entrepreneurship seminar with Dr. Jeff Plumblee in Fall 2015, working on an industry partnership with Eastman Chemical and CEDC
Global Dimension: Study Abroad at Stellenbosch University in South Africa, Dixon Global Policy Scholar, CEDC internship in Haiti, plan to go on future CEDC trips to Haiti
Service Learning: Engineers Without Borders, Clemson Engineers for Developing Countries, plan to create GCS-related events for middle school students in engineering