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Freshman Engineering Robotics Project

Mindstorms robotIn this ECE robotics project, student teams will learn engineering and design principles by building and programming robots with Lego Mindstorms and MathWorks MATLAB. The Mindstorms kits allow for easy construction of advanced robots complete with servo motors and a variety of sensors. Using MATLAB, a mathematical programming tool widely used in industry and academia, to control the robots opens up a vast feature set beyond that provided by the basic Mindstorms software.

MatlabIn the first part of the class, students implement several preliminary experiments to learn the basics of controlling the robot's motors and reading from its sensors with MATLAB. These sensors include touch, light, color, and ultrasonic. Also, MATLAB and its built in image processing functionality makes possible the use of a standard webcam as an additional sensor. After gaining a firm understanding of the fundamentals of design and the use of the Mindstorms and MATLAB toolbox, student teams compete against each other by designing, building, and programming a robot to accomplish a given task in a design competition.


Daniel Noneaker
Office: Riggs 105
Office hours by appointment

Teaching Assistant:
Michael Wooten 
Office: Fluor Daniel 313
Office hours by appointment


RWTH Documentation

RWTH Toolbox Setup Instructions

Lab Manual

Example Matlab Codes

ENGR 1900:

Fall 2014 ENGR 1900 Color Maze project files

Fall 2013 ENGR 1900 Project

Fall 2012 ENGR 1900 Project

Fall 2012 ENGR 1900 Cube Solver project files

Fall 2011 ENGR 1900 Project

Spring 2011 ENGR 1900 Project

Fall 2010 ENGR 1900 Project

Introduction to Programming in MATLAB

Building Instructions

Example Reports

Example Presentation

ENGR 1410:

Spring 2014 ENGR 1410 Robot Vacuum project files

Spring 2013 ENGR 1410 Color Maze project files

Spring 2012 ENGR 1410 Tic Tac Toe Project

Spring 2011 ENGR 1410 Cube Solver Project 

Spring 2011 ENGR 1410 Cube Solver project files

Example Presentation


NXT Setup Instructions

ENGR 1410 TA Manual

ENGR 1900 TA Manual


Matlab Product Page
Matlab Forums & File Exchange
RWTH Toolbox
RWTH Toolbox Documentation

Building Instructions
Lego NXTLog