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David White

David WhiteResearch Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Ph.D., 2003 - University of South Carolina, Marine Science Program
M.S., 1997 - University of Charleston, Marine Biology
B.S., 1991 - University of Oregon, Biology 

Contact Information:
Office: 322 Fluor Daniel
Phone: 864.656.3656

Dr. White's environmental research has focused on the effects of land-based activities and the relation to changes in biological communities with a focus on phytoplankton and nutrient dynamics in estuarine environments. These research efforts were integrated with the use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS), remote sensing and geostatistics to address spatial variation and classification issues of the ecological parameters under study.

While completing his dissertation, Dr. White was hired to support the development of a real-time data collection cyberinfrastructure for coastal and ocean environments. His efforts focused on the development of web-based data reporting and use of metadata to support data discovery and documentation. Upon completing his dissertation, he left USC to lead a data management program at the NOAA Hollings Marine Laboratory in Charleston, SC. In this position, he worked to design data and information management systems for environmental, marine animal and genetic data. These efforts included directing the deployment of hardware and software systems to meet multi-disciplinary research activities, and the design and implementation of spatially-enabled relational databases to support geospatial portals and web services.

In his current position as Director of Data Management for CITI, Dr. White is continuing to focus on the development of advanced cyberinfrastructure to support scientific data collection, quality assurance/quality control and visualization. His most recent efforts are focused on the development of automated statistical-based modeling to perform QAQC on real-time environmental data to identify sensor drift and outliers.

Research Interests
Information Technology, Data Management, Coastal and Estuarine Ecology, Hydrology, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Geostatistics, Remote Sensing

At Clemson, Dr. White has contributed to development of the IntelligentRiver and the Open Parks Grid initiative.