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Power and Energy Systems Focus Area

The Clemson University Power and Energy Systems Focus Area covers research in traditional electrical power systems as well as modern applications of renewable energy. Within the broad area of power and energy, group members conduct research and teaching in specific areas including:

  • Electric Machinery
  • Electric Vehicles
  • Energy Storage
  • Microgrids
  • Power Systems Analysis
  • Power Systems Automation
  • Power Systems Computation
  • Power Systems Dynamic Performance
  • Power System Operations
  • Power System Optimization
  • Power System Security
  • Power System Simulation and Modeling
  • Renewable Energy
  • Smart Grids
Faculty Members Research

Power and energy systems research is supported by a number of government organizations including the Department of Energy, the National Science Foundation, and the U.S. Navy as well as a range of industries including GE, Duke Energy, BMW, Itron, JCI, NEC Labs America, RTDS Technologies, Santee Cooper, SCE&G, Siemens, SRNL and Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories. Major research groups/laboratories are:

Active Courses

• ECE 3600: Electric Power Engineering
• ECE 4200: Renewable Energy Penetration on the Power Grid
• ECE 4180/6180: Power Systems Analysis
• ECE 4190/6190: Electric Machines and Drives
• ECE 4570: Fundamentals of Wind Power
• ECE 4610: Fundamentals of Solar Energy
• ECE 4930/6930: Power Electronics
• ECE 4930/6930: Smart Grid
• ECE 8020: Electric Motor Control
• ECE 8070: Computer Methods for Power Systems Analysis
• ECE 8160: Electric Power Distribution System Engineering
• ECE 8170: Power System Transients
• ECE 8240: Power System Protection
• ECE 8620: Real Time Computer Application in Power Systems
• ECE 8630: Power System Dynamics and Stability