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Undergraduate Laboratories

*** All Fall 2022 ECE undergraduate laboratory classes begin Monday, September 5. ***

National Instruments lab platform

All of the classrooms and lab facilities in the ECE department’s main building, Riggs Hall, have been recently renovated. Specifically, all of the undergraduate laboratories are equipped with new computer workstations and state of the art National Instruments NI-Elvis II teaching platforms. The NI-Elvis II provides the functionality of 12 traditional test instruments in an integrated package with easy to use graphical user interfaces. These extremely versatile instruments are also tailored to specific laboratory exercises using the LabVIEW programming language. By using lab exercise specific instruments, students are able to focus on mastering the concepts instead of dealing with the complexity of traditional equipment operation. In addition, NI-Elvis II is tightly coupled with the electronic circuit simulator, Multisim, making it easy to draw schematics, simulate electronic Apple displaycircuits, and compare results to measurements made on actual circuits built on the integrated prototyping board. Every computer workstation also offers the full complement of powerful engineering software tools such as LabVIEW, Matlab, PSpice and Multisim. In addition, instruction during the lab is facilitated by demonstrations and lecture material that delineate common problems encountered by students during the lab. These teaching tools allows students to benefit from an instructor's troubleshooting tips, and hence, greatly enhances the instructor's teaching effectiveness and the laboratory learning experience.


Laboratory Manuals

Freshman Engineering Robotics Project

Freshman Engineering Electronics Project

ECE 2080 Lab Manual

ECE 2090 Lab Manual and Resources

ECE 2110 Lab Manual

ECE 2120 Lab Manual

ECE 2730 Lab Manual and Resources

ECE 3110 Lab Manual

ECE 3120 Lab Manual

ECE 3720 Lab Manual

ECE 3720 Microcontroller Device User Guide

Elvis Series II Operation Manual

Elvis Series II Freescale Operation Manual

ECE Lab Equipment List