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Application Process

Applications to EEES should be submitted to the Graduate School. Once the Graduate School has received an application, it is forwarded to the department for a review of each candidate’s credentials and to make a decision regarding acceptance of the applicant to the desired degree program. In general, students admitted to the department will choose a research advisor in the first term of residence, however, students with a strong interest in a particular research area are encouraged to indicate this on their application and contact individual faculty members to discuss potential research options. Students are typically notified of acceptance for the upcoming fall term by the end of April. 

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Graduate Program Application

Note: Students will only be admitted to EEES graduate programs for the fall semester. No Spring or Summer applicants will be accepted.


Admission Requirements

All students applying for graduate study in EEES must have completed a baccalaureate degree and provide evidence indicating an aptitude for continued studies at the graduate level. Scores for the GRE (General Test) are required for the application. Foreign applicants are also required to provide scores for the TOEFL Exam or IELTS. Additional requirements specific to a particular degree program can be found under the description of that program.

We consider the entire application package including previous education and performance, any work experience, your statement of purpose, your recommendation letters, and your performance on the GRE and TOEFL or IELTS (if applicable). We also encourage visits to the Department or phone calls or email with faculty who share your research interests. Please contact Barbara Smith ( if you are interested in visiting.

Statement of Purpose

Because the decision to admit applicants to the graduate program in the department of EEES at Clemson University is based on many diverse factors, we would like to get to know you as well as possible. Accordingly, we ask that you submit a one-page essay (Statement of Purpose) to tell us something about yourself and the experiences which helped shape you, as well as your life's goals and professional aspirations. Include an indication of your preferred area of specialization and research in the environmental engineering and science field, and state why you are interested in the area.

Recommendation Letters

We carefully consider letters of recommendation from professors from your undergraduate and masters education. The letters should be from evaluators who know you well and can write about your skills, talents, experiences, and abilities. Letters from supervisors from any work experience are also helpful but at least one letter should be included from an academic evaluator.

Application Deadline

To be considered fully for financial assistance beginning in the fall semester completed applications for graduate study should be received by January 15, though applications may be submitted at any time. Applications received after January 15 may be considered for financial assistance depending upon availability of funds. Notice of acceptance to the program and offers of financial aid are typically given to new students in March-April for fall matriculation.

Financial Aid

The types of financial aid awarded selectively to qualified applicants include graduate research assistantships, teaching assistantships, and fellowships. It is common for students who are teaching assistants during their first year of graduate study to switch to a research assistantship for their second year. Graduate assistants pay a reduced academic fee (tuition) that is the same for both resident and non-resident students. Selection of financial assistance recipients and the amount awarded is made by the graduate faculty based on many factors, including undergraduate transcripts, GRE scores, recommendations, science and math background, and (for international students) English language proficiency. For more information on specific types of financial aid available in the department, see the links below:

For more information:

If you have questions about our programs, financial aid, or any part of the application process we encourage you to contact us!

For general questions or help with the application process please contact our Student Services Coordinator:

Barbara Smith
Phone: 864.656.3278
Mail Address:
L. G. Rich Environmental Research Laboratory
342 Computer Court
Anderson, SC 29625

For specific questions regarding our programs contact the appropriate graduate program coordinator for the area you are interested in:

MS in Environmental Engineering & Science
Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering & Earth Sciences

Dr. Mark Schlautman
Phone: 864.656.4059

MS in Hydrogeology
Dr. Larry Murdoch
Phone: 864.656.2597

MS and Ph.D. in Biosystems Engineering
Dr. Terry Walker
Phone: 864.656.0351