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Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences (NERS) Minor

Why minor in NERS?

Many engineers and scientists working in nuclear-related careers are not formally trained as nuclear engineers; rather, these employees have degrees in a wide range of engineering and science disciplines. A minor in NERS will distinguish you from your peers in the interview process. The NERS curriculum is designed to provide students with the skills and knowledge required to address a broad range of contemporary nuclear engineering and radiological science problems.  Further, the NERS program offers a high faculty-to-student ratio, individualized career mentorship, expanded field trip opportunities, and career networking opportunities.

The minor is open to all students meeting the prerequisite courses. Thus far, graduates from the minor come from the following majors: Physics, Geology, Chemical Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering.

The minor consists of 15 total credits (five 3-hour courses). Students are encouraged to participate in a summer internship, and faculty can facilitate networking with contacts in the nuclear industry and at national laboratories.

Required courses in the recommended semester:


EES 4090 - Intro to Nuclear Engineering;
prereq: MATH 2080

EES 4120 - Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Waste Management; Prereq: EES 4090


EES 4100 - Environmental Radiation Protection; prereq: PHYS 2210

ME 4260 - Nuclear Energy; Prereq: CE 3410; or CHE 3210; or EES 4090; or both ME 3030 and ME 3040; or ME 3100; or MSE 3270; or PHYS 3220

Electives for NERS Minor (Semester taught)

EES 4110 - Ionization Radiation Detection and Measurements (Spring)
EES 4140 – Radioecology (Spring)
EES 4800 - Environmental Risk Assessment (Fall)
PHYS 4520 - Nuclear and Particle Physics (Fall)
ME 4280 Thermal-hydraulics of nuclear reactors*

*indicates not currently being taught

Scholarship Opportunity

NERS Scholarship: $2500 per semester with GPA > 3.0 and full-time enrollment. Scholars must sign a work agreement with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to work in a nuclear-related job upon graduation for 6 months per any year or partial year of the scholarship program.

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For information related to the Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences Minor, please contact:

Lindsay Shuller-Nickles

Tim DeVol