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Field Experiences

All geology students in the BS program are required to attend a field camp during their degree. The purpose of this requirement is to provide students an intensive experience learning the fundamental tools of their discipline and synthesizing data to form a comprehensive picture of a geologic system. Note that any student wishing to apply for registration as a professional geologist is required to attend a 6 credit field course regardless of individual degree requirements.

BS Geology Field Camp Requirements

Environmental Science Concentration: Students are required to take a 3 credit field course in geology, ecology, or a related area. Students should consult a faculty advisor to obtain approval prior to enrolling in their selected field course.

Hydrogeology Concentration: Students are required to take GEOL 4750 Hydrogeology Field Camp or an equivalent 6 credit field course in hydrology (obtain approval for other courses prior to enrolling). Note that this course may be offered every second year.

Field Trips

There are numerous opportunities for geology students to attend field trips. A weekend field trip, which is usually attended by many students and faculty from the Department of Geological Sciences, is run each fall by the Carolina Geological Society. Field trips are also organized by the Geological Society of America and other professional societies. Field Trips of various types and duration are a part of the following courses:

  • Geology 3000 - Environmental Geology
  • Geology 3020 - Structural Geology
  • Geology 3130 - Sedimentology and Stratigraphy
  • Geology 2050/2070 - Mineralogy
  • Geology 3180 - Introduction to Geochemistry
  • Geology 4090/6090 - Applied Geophysics
  • Geology 4050/6050 - Geomorphology