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Books & Other Major Publications


Falta, Ron. “Vadose Zone: Science and Technology Solutions, Volumes I and II” (2000) with Brian Looney

Fjeld, Bob. “Quantitative Environmental Risk Analysis for Human Health” (2007) with N.A. Eisenberg and K.L Compton

Grady, Les. “Biological Wastewater Treatment, Second Edition Revised and Expanded” (1999) with Glen Daigger and Henry Lim

Karanfil, Tanju. “Disinfection By-Products in Drinking Water: Occurrence, Formation, Health Effects and Control” (2008) with Stuart Krasner, Paul Westerhoff and Yuefeng Xie.

Krause, Lois Breur. “How We Learn and Why We Don’t: Student Survival Guide Using the Cognitive Profile Inventory” 4th Edition (2003). (70,000 copies sold to date).