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2021 Field Trips

Clemson Hydrogeology Symposium

Clemson Hydrogeology Symposium

Registration is closed for the October 2021 field trips

All trips are 8 hour/CEC events.
If registered, you will receive an update on times and locations.
Lunch is provided.


 Southwestward movements within the Paleozoic thrust stack and hinterland-directed Alleghanian back thrusting, Inner Piedmont, NC&SC.

Dates: Oct 20 and Oct 22, 2021

The focus of this field trip is to view field evidence for two aspects of the complex tectonic history of the Inner Piedmont in the Standingstone Mountain and Cleveland quadrangles located along and near the NC and SC state line. We will examine southwestward directed movement along a retrograde shear zone interpreted as resulting from gravitational collapse of the Paleozoic ductile thrust stack and subsequent development of southward brittle thrusting interpreted as hinterland-directed back thrusting produced during Alleghanian northwestward thrusting.


Seneca fault at Mulligans View cut by back thrusts of the Caesars Head brittle fault system. Table Rock gneiss is in the footwall (white unit) and the hanging wall is the Tallulah Falls formation.