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Career Kick-Starter

Clemson Hydrogeology Symposium

Clemson Hydrogeology Symposium

What is it?

The Career Kick-Starter is a networking event designed to create an opportunity for students to develop a lasting professional network with experts in their field based on shared interests.

Where/When is it?

At the Symposium, April 12th, from 3-5pm


The Career Kick-Starter is designed to match professionals with a willingness to partner with students who are entering their prospective career field. All participation is voluntary. A target of 20-30 professionals is desired for successful implementation of this event.

The number of students involved in the Career Kick-Starter will be capped at 25 students to ensure enough professionals are available to mentor. Students presenting at the Symposium will have priority for participating, other students will be selected based on being in their final year of study, submission of their CV, and an eagerness to participate.

Our Vision

We envision the mentors to provide constructive criticism to students on multiple levels, to actively engage their professional network to help strengthen the student’s network, to educate the student on the ins-and-outs of their own profession, to have regular meetings to ensure the students goals are being met and most importantly to provide encouragement.

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Student Registration for the Career Kick-Starter Event