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Mask Mandate



Mask Mandate

 Thanks for helping to make our event safe for all by wearing your mask at all times while inside a building.  We will be following current CDC guidelines about wearing masks:

To summarize, your mask must:

(a) cover your nose and mouth at all times,
(b) fit snugly,
(c) have a nose wire to prevent leaks,
(d) be composed of two or more layers.

This means that simple surgical masks without nose wires are not allowed.  We will be providing a limited number of KN95 masks at the check-in desk.

You are strongly urged to bring a mask that fits your face and protects others.

You are not allowed to have a mask that:

  • has exhalation vents,
  • is just a bandana (unless you have a validated medical condition and receive prior permission before Oct 17).

Face shields are not substitutes for masks.  Wear one if you want but wear a mask as well.

There will be a no-tolerance policy in effect.  If you are blatantly ignoring this mandate you will be asked to leave with no refund.

Thank you again in advance.