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Clemson Hydrogeology Symposium

Clemson Hydrogeology Symposium

In order to avoid being ticketed or towed while parking at the Madren Center please observe the following rules:

  1. No parking on the grass (see exceptions below), or on anything that could be construed as part of the golf course, a putting green, or the driving range.
  2. No jumping the curb to park on the sidewalk, etc.
  3. Park only in designated spaces.

If the designated spaces fill up, you can park in the grass, if you are FULLY off the pavement by at least 1 foot, along:

  1. Lake Drive (must beyond (west of) the historic sign titled “The Battle of Seneca Town” [A]
  2. The north side of Old Stadium Road, not the south side! [B]

And in the lot adjacent to Field Station Drive. [C]

These allowable areas are marked in red in the image below: