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Recent Geology Graduates

This page is to showcase the work of recent Clemson geology seniors during the pandemic. Since they were unable to present their research at the Symposium, you may view videos of their presentations below.


Bobby Boyles
Research Advisor: Dr. Adam Smith

Bobby analyzed sediments from a Cretaceous-Paleogene boundary section near Columbia, SC, and found the first-known examples of shocked quartz grains and microspherules from the state in that stratigraphic horizon.


Tristan Murphy
Research Advisor: Dr. Brady Flinchum

Tristan's senior research project applied geophysical methods as  a novel approach to understanding the relationship between bedrock depth and vegetation cover on the landscape directly above it.


Corey Strickland
Research Advisor: Dr. Kelly Lazar

Corey developed a new survey scale for measuring student attitudes towards careers in geoscience that has implications for recruiting students to major in geology.


Colby Summers
Research Advisor: Scott Brame

Colby conducted a hydrologic analysis of an area in Upstate South Carolina to determine why water frequently pooled in the area instead of draining into nearby streams.


Annelise Waling
Research Advisors: Drs. Kelly Lazar & Adam Smith

Annelise employed X-ray fluorescence and spectral reflectance data to identify the source area of chert used to manufacture millstones at the historic Hagood Mill site in Upstate South Carolina.


Madison Ward
Research Advisor: Dr. Alex Pullen

Madison investigated the origin of Pleistocene loess deposits in South America by data of zircons.


Brendan Wright
Research Advisor: Scott Brame

Brendan applied x-ray fluorescence to formations in Upstate South Carolina to help distinguish similar lithologic units from one another.


Matt Yandle
Research Advisor: Dr. Mary Kate Fidler

Matt used geologic mapping and whole rock major and trace element geochemistry to characterize the volcanic history and tectonic association of volcanic rocks in the Black Hills, Oregon.