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Speaker Schedule

Clemson Hydrogeology Symposium

Clemson Hydrogeology Symposium

Preliminary Speaker Schedule for March 31, 2022


BellSouth Auditorium

Meeting Rooms 1/2

Meeting Rooms 3/4




Poster Session


Moderator: Joe Rossabi

Moderator: Brady Flinchum

Moderator: Kelly Lazar


Remote DNAPL Confirmed as Alternative to Matrix Diffusion for Persistent Plumes Suggesting Treatment Options at Sites Previously Considered Technically Impractical

Rossabi, Joseph

Using Near-surface Geophysical Measurements to Characterize Regolith Structure in the Piedmont Region of South Carolina

Flinchum, Brady

Novel Design and Methodology for Investigating Soil Gas Flux in Tidal Wetland Environments

Gleasman, Gavin


DNAPL Removal from a Fractured Bedrock by Surfactant Enhanced Aquifer Remediation

Birk, Gary

Quantifying Heterogeneity in the Critical Zone with Structure from Motion, Ground Penetrating Radar and Seismic Refraction

Topping, Leah

Microplastic Deposition in the Black and Waccamaw River Systems, South Carolina

Bowman, Cole


Thermal Treatment of PFAS Impacted Soil – Field Demonstration and Scale-Up Considerations

Blundy, Chris

Defining Spatial Heterogeneity of the Boundaries between Soil, Saprolite, and Bedrock Using GPR

Chiaviello, Annalee

A Multiproxy Approach for Understanding Environmental Change in Marsh Environments, Croatan Sound, NC

Leitch, Nina


Investigation of TCE Fate and Transport via Groundwater Discharge to Urban Stream Using Handheld Thermal IR Photography and Passive Sediment Sampling

Griffeth, Bradley

Ground Penetrating Radar Reveals Difference in Fracture Spacing Across Two Geochemically Distinct Granite Lithologies

Briglio, Jennifer

Groundwater-Surface Water Interaction in the Hyporheic Zone and Relation to Biodiversity in Groundwater

Mahan, Judd


Optimization and Advances in Amendments for Chlorinated Solvent Sites

Birk, Gary

Mapping Bedrock Topography: a Seismic Refraction Survey in a Weathered Crystalline Granite in the Laramie Range, Wyoming

Uecker, Rachel

Development of a Joint Water Quality and Flood Mitigation Goal Driven Capital Improvement Program

Kroening, David


Fluoride Removal from Groundwater Through Fluorapatite Precipitation

 Graves, Duane

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Geophysical Surveys for Rapid Characterization of Large Sites

Bergstrom, Jorgen

Compound Hazards in Coastal Regions of the Southeast USA in the Present and Climate Change Conditions

Yaddanapudi, Ramprasad


Poster Session


Keynote presentation: Main Ballroom

The Evolution of Contaminant Hydrogeology, Ron Falta, Clemson University



Leaking Dams
Moderator: Andy Alexander

Moderator: David Freedman

Geologic Mapping
Moderator: Scott Brame


Case Study of the Repair and Performance of an Earthen Dam Damaged by Flooding

Alexander, Andrew

Methanotrophic Biodegradation of TCE in Low pH Aquifers

Groome, Evan

Geologic and Deformation History of the Tugaloo Terrane in the Eastern Blue Ridge, Southwestern North Carolina

Schaeffer, Malcolm


Utilizing ELL Technology to Identify Leaks in Dams and Impoundments

Colby, Andrew

Evaluating the Role of Magnetic Materials in Mediating Abiotic Degradation of TCE in a Water Supply Aquifers using a 14C Assay

Dunn, Olivia

Mapping the Transition Between Whiteside Gneiss and the Tallulah Falls Formation Using Geophysical Methods

Hiner, Drew


Case Study of the Investigation and Grouting of a Leaking Earthen Dam

Alexander, Andrew

Naturally and Biologically Mediated Abiotic Transformation of TCE in Low Permeability Formations

Wang, Hao

Structural Analysis and Geologic Mapping of the Tallulah Falls Formation, Clemson, SC

Rusher, Savannah


Poster Session


Fracturing and Pumping
Moderator: Larry Murdoch

Modeling and Wells
Moderator: Ron Falta


Field Demonstration of Environmental Hydraulic Fracturing as a Method of Carbon Storage and Flood Protection

Murdoch, Larry

Simulating Matrix Diffusion using a Semi-analytical Method in 2D and 3D Discrete Fracture Networks

Pham, Kien


Pneumatic Fracturing and Proppant Injection to Facilitate Air Sparge-Soil Vapor Extraction of Chlorinated Ethenes in Low Permeability Geology

Novello Favero, Lucas

Modeling Heat Propagation in a Solar Thermal Remediation System

Trainor, Justin


Evaluation of Zero-Net-Rate Pumping Tests

Smith-Jones, Austin

Horizontal Remediation Wells: Why They can be Your Best Friend

Shinall, Brian



Poster Session


Radionuclide Transport
Moderator: Brian Powell

Moderator: Alex Pullen



Transport of Uranyl-phosphate Through a Column

Ferguson, Brennan

Detrital zircon U-Pb & εHf signature of the Yukon-Tanana terrane in Yukon, Canada

Kroeger, Emma



Transport and Precipitation of Iron and Uranium in a Lab Scale Model Riparian Zone

Williams, Reid

Determining the Origin of Loess in Tafí del Valle, Argentina, Using U-Pb Detrital Zircon Geochronology

O'Cain, Sam



Impacts of Preferential Flow on 99Tc and 237Np Vadose Transport at the Savannah River Site

Parris, Josh

Using Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) to Compare Feather Microstructures of 20 Avian Species

Knox, Jessica



Cerium and technetium sorption onto hematite as influenced by pH and temperature

Bryant, Camille

Using Seismic Refraction to Define Bedrock Depth in Weathered Granite in the Laramie Range, Wyoming

Keeney, Kevin



Mixer at Geology Museum