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IE Awards

The Department of Industrial Engineering is fortunate to have generous alumni and friends whose gifts enable us to reward our outstanding students and faculty.  We are proud and honored to have the support of the following endowments:

The Janine Anthony Bowen Endowment

Established by Janine Anthony Bowen, along with family and friends, this endowment supports awards for undergraduate and graduate students. The purpose of the endowment is to enhance campus diversity by supporting women and minorities. More »

The Jim A. Chisman Endowment

Established by Dr. Jim A. Chisman, this endowment supports an award that recognizes an exceptional IE senior student for all-around excellence. More »

The Edwin J. Freeman Endowment

Established by Edwin J. Freeman, this endowment supports a variety of student awards administered by the Department of Industrial Engineering. More »

The Karen and Carl R. Lindenmeyer Endowment

Established by Karen and Carl R. Lindenmeyer, this endowment supports the Lindenmeyer Leadership and Public Service award. More »

Clemson Forever

The Industrial Engineering Operating Account is used to enrich the IE students’ educational experience at Clemson.  These funds allow instructors to teach innovative material not covered in traditional classes (giving students a competitive advantage over their peers at other universities), network with their classmates, faculty, and local industry leaders, and support research opportunities for the best and brightest IE talent.  Opportunities that engage students on a personal level like this inspire students to think beyond their textbooks and assignments, and tackle the challenging problems they will face after graduation.  Simply put, these funds enable Clemson to offer the outstanding education for which it is known!

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