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Supply Chain Optimization & Logistics

The Department of Industrial Engineering serves the State of South Carolina and the nation through teaching, research and outreach in the discipline of industrial engineering. A particular focus for industrial engineering at Clemson University is to be a nationally top-ranked industrial engineering department emphasizing the education, research, discovery and application of knowledge in the following information technology driven emphasis areas. Clemson IE is proud to support these initiatives through its participation in several supply chain optimization & logistics related centers that specialize in:

  • Mathematical Modeling and Optimization
  • Simulation, Systems Integration, Transportation Planning
  • Quality Control, Production Planning and Service Systems Engineering  

Supporting Centers:

CELDi Logo

CELDi is a university-based enterprise providing innovative solutions for logistics and distribution excellence with our member organizations. As an applied research and education consortium, CELDi is a partnership between the National Science Foundation (NSF), ten major research universities and more than 30 member organizations in commercial, military and government sectors of the economy. Research endeavors are driven and sponsored by the member organizations that specialize in distribution, transportation, manufacturing, information technology, and software solutions. The mission of CELDi is to enable member organizations to achieve logistics and distribution excellence by delivering meaningful, innovative and implementable solutions that provide a return on investment.


The Clemson Institute of Supply Chain Optimization (CISCOL) helps its partners in government, business and industry address the issues related to moving raw materials, goods and services from manufacturing to consumers. Clemson University’s unique location along the booming Interstate-85 industrial corridor in the Upstate of South Carolina allows CISCOL to provide essential support to companies and manufacturers. South Carolina is now home to several multinational companies, and even local businesses have extensive international footprints. The Upstate alone has more than 250 international firms and enjoys the highest level of foreign capital investment per capita in the nation. In this environment the role of supply chain and logistics is critical to their success.

SmartState Logo

The Supply Chain Optimization and Logistics Center of Economic Excellence is a component of a larger initiative, the Clemson Institute for Supply Chain Optimization and Logistics. Research at this Center focuses on supply chain modeling, material handling, logistics, planning systems, and distribution. The primary goals include:

  • Conducting interdisciplinary research of multifaceted problems associated with supply chains.
  • Supporting economic development by providing industries with access to Clemson’s resources and expertise in supply chain activities.
  • Delivering tangible products and services in the area of supply chain optimization and logistics through theoretical and applied research.
  • Conducting educational activities supporting technology transfer.

Supply Chain and Optimization Education

The Department of Industrial Engineering offers BS/MS/MEng/PhD degrees and Six Sigma certification. In the past five years, the IE department has graduated more than 50 students with a PhD, more than 100 students with the MS degree, and more than 300 students with the BS degree. These students are prepared in key areas of supply chain logistics and management, process modeling, mathematical optimization, process simulation, regression and statistical analysis, and heuristic algorithm development. In terms of workforce development, the IE department is proud to deliver the world’s only asynchronous, online Masters of Engineering (M.Eng.) degree with a focus on the Capital Projects Supply Chain. Over 125 supply chain professionals have graduated from this program and over 120 working professionals are currently enrolled.

University Emphasis Areas:

  • Information and Communication Technology
  • Sustainable Environment
  • Automotive and  Transportation