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Certificate Programs

Why earn a certificate?

Success is when preparation meets opportunity.  Clemson University offers a range of certificates that help to bridge the gap between foundational engineering knowledge and professional skills sought by many industries.  These areas include production, renewable energy, health science, and management.

Industrial Engineering students at Clemson have several certificate options available to them.  The key for students is to know what programs exist at Clemson, and how those certificates will prepare them after graduation for their careers. This section is designed to aid students in better understanding their options.

Why are certificates ideal for industrial engineers?

Our background applies to any industry wanting to make products or services better, faster, cheaper, safer, and smarter.  Virtually all industries hold these goals as top priorities, and certificate programs can help prepare Industrial Engineers for a future career in their chosen field.  Not only do companies tend to look for key skills in student resumes, being able to understand the basic vocabulary of your specialty field during an interview setting can set you apart from other candidates.

Because the industrial engineering mind-set is so broadly applicable, students may transition into non-traditional fields throughout their careers.  Certificates help students develop some of their interests, and expose them to a broader range of professional opportunities than they might have imagined.

Undergraduate certificate requirements

There are an increasing number of certificate programs at Clemson for undergraduates, and several more at the graduate level.  Here are a few of the most popular options among Clemson’s Industrial Engineering students.  Click on the Certificate’s title to learn more!

6σ Green Belt IE 3600 IE 3610 IE 4620
Sales Engineering IE 3840 MKT 4210 MKT 4240
Sales MKT 4210 MKT 4240 MKT 3980 (CI)
Renewable Energy ECE 4570 ECE 4610 ECE 4200
Public Health HLTH 2020 HLTH 2030 HLTH 3800
Leadership HEHD 4000 HEHD 4100 HEHD 4200