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Student Organizations

Both the University and the Industrial Engineering Department specifically, sponsor a plethora of ways that students can broaden their horizons by getting involved.

Alpha Pi Mu

Alpha Pi Mu is the only nationally recognized American honor society for Industrial and Systems Engineering students that aims to:

Confer recognition upon students of Industrial and Systems Engineering who have shown exceptional academic interest and abilities in their field, encourage the advancement and quality of Industrial and Systems Engineering education, unify the student body of the Industrial Engineering department in presenting its needs and ideals to the faculty. Association of College Honor Societies


Please visit Clemson’s ΑΠΜ Chapter website »

College of Engineering, Computing, and Applied Sciences Student Advisory Board

The College of Engineering, Computing and Applied Sciences and College of Science Student Advisory Board (CECASSAB) serves as the voice of the 7,100 students within the two colleges at Clemson University.  Representatives from each department are chosen in a highly-selective process.  These department representatives collaborate with each other as well as with students, faculty and staff to make improvements to their own department and the colleges as a whole.


Please visit the CECASSAB website »

Clemson Human Factors & Ergonomics Society

The Society furthers serious consideration of knowledge about the assignment of appropriate functions for humans and machines, whether people serve as operators, maintainers, or users in the system.  And, it advocates systematic use of such knowledge to achieve compatibility in the design of interactive systems of people, machines, and environments to ensure their effectiveness, safety, and ease of performance.


Please visit the Clemson HFES website »

Clemson Institute of Industrial & Systems Engineers

Founded in 1948, IISE is an international, nonprofit association that provides leadership for the application, education, training, research, and development of industrial engineering.  ISEs figure out a better way to do things and work in a wide array of professional areas, including management, manufacturing, logistics, health systems, retail, service and ergonomics.  They influence policy and implementation issues regarding topics such as sustainability, innovation and Six Sigma.  And like the profession, ISEs are rooted in the sciences of engineering, the analysis of systems, and the management of people.


Please visit the IISE website »

Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences

With over 12,500 members from around the globe, INFORMS is the leading international association for professionals in operations research and analytics.  INFORMS promotes best practices and advances in operations research, management science, and analytics to improve operational processes, decision-making, and outcomes through an array of highly-cited publications, conferences, competitions, networking communities, and professional development services.


Please visit the Clemson INFORMS website »

Society of Manufacturing Engineers

SME resolves to advance, inspire, and educate the manufacturing industry and attract future generations through the development of a skilled workforce, promotion of advanced manufacturing technology,


Please visit the Clemson SME website »

Clemson VR Club

The Clemson VR Club serves to prepare students for the evolving visualization needs of our society.  In addition to making virtual reality technology accessible in the Immersive Space, we host weekly meetings for the student VR community at Clemson.  Join us on Thursday nights for industry speakers, development workshops, and plenty of games -- no experience required.  Clemson students can join our membership roster to receive frequent updates on VR happenings around the university.


Please visit the Clemson VR Club website »