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Change of Major Requirements

To transfer into the Industrial Engineering BS program, a student must have completed the following courses with a grade of C or better:

CH 1010 General Chemistry 
ENGL 1030 Accelerated Composition
ENGR 1050 Engineering Disciplines and Skills I OR ENGR 1020
ENGR 1060 Engineering Disciplines and Skills II
ENGR 1070 Programming and Problem Solving I OR ENGR 1410
(see Planning Guide for more options)
ENGR 1080 Programming and Problem Solving II
ENGR 1090 Programming and Problem Solving Applications
MATH 1060 Calculus of One Variable I OR MATH 1040 and 1070
MATH 1080 Calculus of One Variable II
PHYS 1220 Physics with Calculus I

From General Engineering

The GE advisors will manage the paperwork. As long as the student has a 2.0 overall GPA, 2.0 Engineering GPA, and has completed the courses documented above, the change of major will be processed.

From Any Other Major

First, the student must have a 2.0 overall GPA, 2.0 Engineering GPA, and have completed the courses documented above.  Additionally, since the IE department strictly enforces prerequisites, we believe it is important that students understand the courses required to be taken in each semester.  As such, for non-General Engineering students, we also require that the student complete a plan of study that documents all courses to be taken until graduation.  The plan needs to be emailed to Jess LeCroy (if the student’s last name begins with A - G) or Susan Long (if the student’s last name begins with H - Z).

Information sources

The plan must be presented on a standard departmental Course Planning Worksheet. Download a blank Course Planning Worksheet in Excel format (macros enabled).