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John M. Harris

  • Current Position/Company: Associate Director – Advanced Analytics, Protiviti
  • Current Location/since: Atlanta, GA (Grady Baby) / 2010
  • Interesting Fact: I hated Clemson during the mid to late 80s because of the Clemson – UGA football rivalry and I had an uncle that played for Georgia during that time.

IE Alumni Board

  • Motivation to participate: I am honored and humbled by the opportunity to work with the department to make sure our IE graduates are prepared for their next opportunity in industry or the academy.
  • My message: In addition to the subjects you are learning as a student in the IE department, focus on developing your critical thinking skills as well. The job you are preparing for may not exist by the time you graduate or sometime shortly afterwards. Regardless, your critical thinking skills will be a competitive advantage for you in this fast-changing environment.
John M. Harris