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Undergraduate Advising

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Academic advising is a partnership between you and your advisor that is based on open and frequent communication that requires a combination of self-knowledge, consideration of academic, personal and professional goals, and information about student resources, careers and university policies. Advisors do not “prescribe” answers for you; rather, we prompt the student with questions and provide students with the information they need to explore their interests and avail themselves of all the resources Clemson University has to offer. While academic advising is a collaborative process, the responsibility for each student’s educational experience and success ultimately rests with the student.

All Clemson University undergraduate students are required to meet with an academic advisor at least once per semester. Most students will meet with an advisor in the month prior to the start of registration (see the Academic Calendar for registration dates) to receive a PIN number required to register for classes. The advising staff will provide information regarding scheduling pre-registration appointments. Students are also encouraged to schedule additional appointments, visit during the advisor’s posted office hours, and call or email as needed. Students can make appointments with their ME advisor(s) using CU Navigate.

  • Portia Mitchum ug advisor for students A-Ha, click to email.
  • Dentaveous Walker ug advisor for students Q-Z, click to email.
  • Julie Markus, student services manager, click to email.
  • Todd Schweisinger, ug program coordinator, click to email.
  • Jane Zhao graduate program coordinator, click to email.