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NEW! ME Fall 2022 Curriculum

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The curriculum for the bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering is changing as of Fall 2022. The main change is that the integrated Statics and Dynamics course (ME 2010) is being split into a two-semester series, Statics (ME 2050) and Dynamics (ME 2060). To compare prerequisite and corequisite requirements in the Fall 2017 and Fall 2022 curricula, please view a list of prerequisites for all required courses in both curricula. 

The flow chart below is a representation of the 2022 ME curriculum. Solid arrows represent prerequisites, e.g., ME 2050 is a prerequisite for ME 2060, so the arrow connecting the two of them is solid. Dashed arrows represent corequisites, e.g., ME 2220 and MSE 2100, and MATH 2080 can all be taken concurrently with ME 2040. The direction of corequisite arrows indicates corequisite order, e.g., ME 2220 can be taken before or concurrently with ME 2040, but ME 2040 cannot be taken before ME 2220. More detailed prerequisite and corequisite information can be found in the Academic Catalog and in DegreeWorks ( iRoar > Student Self-Service > Student Records > DegreeWorks (Undergraduate Only)).


I am on my third attempt at ME 2010/2030/2040. Can I take ME 2010/2030/2040 at another university and transfer it to Clemson?

No. Once a student begins coursework at Clemson, they are not permitted to take ME 2010, ME 2030 or ME 2040 at another school.

What minors are most common for ME students?

The most common minors for ME students are Mathematical Sciences and Business Administration.

What is the difference between the ME Technical Requirement, the Technical Requirement, and the ME Professional Requirement?
Students whose catalog year is 2017-2018 or later are required to take four separate technical elective courses: two ME technical electives; a third, broader, technical elective; and a fourth professional requirement. Though the lists of courses that fulfill these requirements do overlap, these are four separate requirements---no single course can satisfy more than one technical/professional requirement. You can find guidance regarding each requirement in the academic catalog (see Footnotes 8–10) and in your Degree Works audit (iRoar > Student Self-Service > Student Records > Undergraduate Degree Works). Degree Works is imperfect; it is possible that your technical electives will be misclassified in your degree audit. Please see additional details below regarding technical requirements for clarification:

ME Technical Requirement
  • The ME technical requirement can be satisfied by any ME 4000-level class except ME 4000, ME 4010, ME 4020, ME 4030, ME 4440 and ME 4900.
  • Only 3 credit hours of ME 4150 (Undergraduate Research) can count towards the ME technical requirement unless the student is enrolled in the departmental honors program.
  • Students can request to apply 7 credit hours in a single ME creative inquiry project to one ME technical requirement. You can request ME technical requirement credit for a CI project by filling out the CI Proposal Form and sending it to your primary academic advisor via email. Please read the form carefully and include the required attachments; your form will not be processed without the attachments.
  • The ME department offers new technical electives every year; thus, the ME technical requirement lists in the academic catalog and Degree Works may not include the newest courses. The Student Services Office will email a list of ME technical elective offerings to all ME students every fall and spring semester. Each course on the list distributed by ME Student Services will satisfy an ME technical requirement, even if it does not show up correctly in Degree Works.
Technical Requirement
  • A third ME technical elective can be used to fulfill the Technical Requirement. The Technical Requirement does not have to be a non-ME class.
  • Additions to the list of approved non-ME technical electives will be announced via email to ME students before the semester they are introduced.
  • ME does not guarantee that non-ME technical requirements listed in the academic catalog will be offered every semester, nor do we guarantee that they will be open to ME majors. The department that controls the course can restrict enrollment to meet the needs of their own students.
Professional Requirement
  • A fourth ME technical elective can be used to fulfill the Professional Requirement.<\li>
  • A second non-ME technical elective can be used to fulfill the Professional Requirement.
  • Any 3000- or 4000-level modern language course can be used to fulfill the Professional Requirement
  • If you declare and complete a minor, a minor requirement can be used to fulfill the Professional Requirement.
  • “Triple-dipping” is never allowed: for instance, MATH 3020 cannot be used to satisfy the statistics requirement, a MATH minor requirement, and the professional requirement.