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CECAS Global Engagement - Faculty-Led Programs

Each year CECAS faculty lead study abroad programs (often in the summer), as well as classes that have a study-abroad component.   These programs allow students to enroll in classes at Clemson (thus avoiding any transfer issues).  Additionally, these courses provide organized travel, lodging, administration, and excursions, making for a hassle-free study-abroad experience. 


Beijing, China

Beijing ImageProgram Title: PKU Peking University Globex Summer School - View Flyer (PDF)
Faculty Contact:
Course Credit: 3-6 credits toward technical electives or other major requirements, pending dept. approval

Description: The Globex Julmester at Peking University in Beijing, China is a study abroad program with a worldwide exchange of students from all disciplines of study, based in China’s bustling capital city. To enhance students’ global and professional experience, Globex offers courses that focus on general science and engineering, as well as China-focused study. Societies everywhere are profoundly impacted by China as it grows to become the world’s largest economy. Globex offers students an opportunity to study cutting edge topics in bioengineering, materials science, electrical and computer engineering, computer science, engineering management, as well as China and its people. There are no prerequisites for any of the courses offered through Globex. Apply Now

Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo ImageProgram Title: Summer Undergraduate Research in Japan - View Flyer (PDF)
Faculty Contact: Dr. Jiro Nagatomi
Course Credit: BIOE 4600 (6 hours)

Description: This program will provide research experience for students in world-class bioengineering research laboratories at the University of Tokyo. Students will be paired with a graduate research mentor and tutor who will work side-by-side with participants in the laboratory and will show the student life outside of the university. Apply Now


Clermont-Ferrand, France

France ImageProgram Title: Modeling Methods and Logistics Applications in France - View Flyer (PDF)
Faculty Contact: Dr. Kevin Taaffe
Course Credit: IS 2100 (3 CR) and either IE 4570 or MATH 4400 (3 CR)

Description: This program will highlight current issues in transportation, logistics, and healthcare, and will explore how mathematical modeling can be used to solve real-world organizational challenges. Based at the Universite Clermont Auvergne (UCA), students will be taught by Clemson faculty members in Industrial Engineering and Mathematical Sciences, alongside French faculty members at UCA. Program excursions include visits to French industry partners in Auvergne and cultural activities like French cheese-making and an exciting final weekend in Paris. The program also includes a kickoff visit to Michelin’s North American headquarters in Greenville prior to the group’s departure for France. Apply Now

Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen ImageProgram Title: DTU Chemical Engineering Summer School - View Flyer (PDF)
Faculty Contact: Dr. Eric Davis
Course Credit: 3 credits toward unit operations lab; CHE 4070/4071

Description: Rising seniors in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering are invited to participate in a specially designed, experimental course in chemical engineering and process technology. The course takes place in the university’s cutting-edge pilot plant facilities and combines detailed theoretical and practical engineering experiences. The summer study program is designed specifically for international students from across North America and around the world. Apply Now

Germany (multiple cities)

Trier ImageProgram Title: Automotive Engineering and Advanced Manufacturing - View Flyer (PDF)
Faculty Contact: Dr. Greg Mocko and Dr. Pamela Mack
Course Credit: 

Description: Students will travel as a group between multiple cities in Germany with strong connections to the industry in automotive engineering and advanced manufacturing. The proposed Summer 2017 itinerary includes Aachen, Stuttgart, and Munich. Students may expect to visit the important centers of automotive design and manufacture and learn about supply chain and product distribution. Included in the program will be instruction in introductory German language and culture, along with site visits to cultural attractions. This program is particularly well suited for students with interest in the program themes, and students from all majors in CECAS are welcome to apply. Apply Now

Pamplona, Spain

Pamplona ImageProgram Title: International Bioethics & Bioengineering - View Flyer (PDF)
Faculty Contact: Dr. John DesJardins
Course Credit: BIOE 4610, International Perspectives in Bioethics, IS 2100

Description: Study biomedical, social and healthcare ethics with international faculty. Film, media, and theory engage multidisciplinary student teams to explore and debate bioethical topics. Visit local healthcare and research facilities where bioethics play a critical role in professional decision making. Explore cultural sites and attractions in northern Spain while learning Spanish. Apply Now

Pamplona, Spain

Pamplona ImageProgram Title: Sustainability and GIS - View Flyer (PDF)
Faculty Contact: Dr. Michael Carbajales-Dale and Patricia Carbajales-Dale
Course Credit: EES 4860, EES 4910

Description: Come to Spain, one of the foremost countries in sustainability, to study both Environmental Sustainability and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Instructors from Clemson University will team with local experts to deliver a world-class teaching experience related to addressing some of the global engineering challenges of the 21st Century. This program blends in-class activities with field trips to wind/solar farms, recycling depots, and sustainable buildings. Apply Now

North America

Caribbean Islands

Dominica ImageProgram Title: Sustainability at the Interface of Natural and Human Systems - View Flyer (PDF)
Contact: Dr. Kelly Lazar
Course Credit: GEOL 4110

Description: This course is open to all majors with the purpose of allowing you to understand the complicated relationship between humans and the natural environment, and develop communication skills that will enable other students and interested parties to explore the interconnectedness of natural and human systems in the Caribbean. Small Caribbean islands face similar yet distinguishable sustainability challenges that can typically be traced back to differences in historical and natural contexts. In this course, we will focus on the differences between the Caribbean islands of Curacao (part of the Dutch Caribbean) and Puerto Rico to explore various sustainability issues affecting these islands. Apply Now

Soufriere and Roseau, Dominica

Cange ImageProgram Title: Engage Dominica - View Flyer (PDF)
Contact: Clemson Engage
Course Credit: CE 3990 and 4990

Description: During this spring break study abroad program in Soufriere and Roseau, Dominica, students will have the opportunity to study the remaining effects of the 2015 Storm Erica on the developing economy of the small Caribbean Island. Students will have numerous opportunities to engage with the local community and study/develop opportunities for educational programming for the youth population in the area. Apply Now

Inactive Programs

Andros Island, Bahamas

Andros ImageProgram Title: Bahamian Field Study
Course Credit: GEOL 3750, GEOL H3750

Description: Learn about ocean environments and view tropical fish and other reef life while snorkeling the world's third longest barrier reef. Experience Bahamian history and culture by observing woodcarving and other crafts, touring a local batik factory, and visiting historical and cultural sites including a traditional village. Apply Now

Cange, Haiti

Cange ImageProgram Title: Sustainable Development in Haiti (CEDC)
Course Credit: CE 3990, CE 4370, CE 4990, ENGL 3140

Description: During this semester-long study abroad program in Cange, Haiti, students will have the opportunity to learn about the cultural aspects of Haiti as well as the impacts of development in Haiti - both good and bad. Students will also have numerous opportunities to engage with the local community and study/develop opportunities for educational programming for the youth population in the area. Apply Now


Caribbean ImageProgram Title: Engineering Small Island Developing States - May-June - View Flyer (PDF)
Contact: Dr. Jennifer Ogle
Course Credit: CE 3990 and ENGL 3140

Description: Students will travel to multiple countries in the Caribbean to study how engineering and international development have had both positive and negative impacts in the countries of Haiti, the Dominican Republic and Dominica. Students will have the opportunity to study the effects of building the hydroelectric dam in Haiti as well as the impact and the remaining effects of the 2015 Storm Erica on the developing economy of Dominica. These three small island developing states have many things in common as well as differences that will be explored. Students will also have numerous occasions to engage with the local community and explore opportunities for educational programming for the youth population in the area. Cultural site visits will be included. Students from all majors in CECAS are welcome to apply. Apply Now

Monterrey, Mexico, and Clemson, USA

Cange ImageProgram Title: Cross-Cultural Teams for Operational Challenges
Course Credit: ME X900 or PHYS 4750; IS 2100

Description: This study abroad program provides students with experience working within the industry at one of the top institutions in Latin America. Participants will be formed into teams with students from Tecnologico de Monterrey, a Clemson partner university in northern Mexico, and together will tackle a multidisciplinary challenge posed by an industrial partner.The main goals of these projects are to train students in working collaboratively with international peers and to provide them with the cross-cultural awareness needed in today’s job market. Apply Now

Pathum Thani, Thailand

Pamplona ImageProgram Title: Thailand Undergraduate Research
Faculty Contact:
Course Credit: BIOE 4600, BIOE 4910

Description: Spend 8 weeks conducting mentored research at Chulalongkorn University or the Asian Institute of Technology in Bangkok, Thailand. In the evenings and weekends, all of Bangkok and South East Asia is open to you! You can try new foods and learn about the nation’s history and culture. You can explore downtown and the different cultural hubs in the city, interacting with people from many diverse nationalities. Plus get great work experience while connecting with top professors. Apply Now

Roseau, Dominica

Cange ImageProgram Title: Caribbean Field Studies: Spring Break - View Flyer (PDF)
Contact: Scott Brame
Course Credit: GEOL 3800

Description: During spring break, students will visit the island of Dominica in the Lesser Antilles volcanic arc to examine geothermally active areas, volcanic domes, and deposits that record geologically recent lava flows and phreatic explosions (interaction of groundwater with magma). Students will observe how the island residents have adapted to this geologically turbulent setting and assess the natural hazards that threaten their lives and property. Apply Now


Singapore ImageProgram Title: Singapore Undergraduate Research - View Flyer (PDF)
Faculty Contact:

Course Credit: BIOE 4600, BIOE 4910

Description: Spend 8 weeks in Singapore conducting research under the mentorship of Dr. Frank Alexis and faculty from Nanyang Technological University (NTU). Not only will this program allow you to grow professionally, but it will also help you to build lasting relationships with fellow students and researchers at NTU. Outside of your research experience, you will have the opportunity to explore Singapore and Southeast Asia. Apply Now

Trier, Germany

Trier ImageProgram Title: Sustainable Engineering and German Culture - View Flyer (PDF)
Faculty Contact: Jazmin Taylor, Lecturer
Course Credit: BE 4400, IS 2100

Description: Because resources are limited, it is crucial that we, as a society, evolve in ways that are more environmentally responsible. This program studies all matters of sustainable engineering in Germany, one of the world’s leaders in this area. Study efficiency of solar-powered vehicles, wind turbines and architectural design for energy efficiency. Learn analytical tools and substantive knowledge for addressing key economic and environmental challenges of the 21st century. The program occurs in three cities: Trier, Germany’s oldest city; Birkenfeld, a self-sustained, zero-emissions environmental campus; and Munich, capital of Bavaria and Germany’s most iconic city. In addition, the program includes planned cultural excursions and a long weekend to explore Europe. Don’t delay! Join us for a life-changing experience!Apply Now

Vienna, Austria

Vienna ImageProgram Title: Vienna Chemical Engineering Summer School
Faculty Contact:
Course Credit: CHE 4070 (Unit Operations Laboratory II) in the CHE and BMOL curricula; Pre-requisites include mass transfer/separations (CHE 3070 and 3300 at Clemson)

Description: This intensive summer school laboratory program at the Vienna University of Technology (TU-Vienna) focuses on a practical exploration of unit operations of process engineering, and is taught in English. The 4-week program involves lab experiments, short lectures (experimental data analysis/statistics, scientific report writing & oral presentations) and weekend excursions that demonstrate practical applications of the unit operation concept. Apply Now