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CECAS Global Engagement - Faculty-Led Programs

Each year CECAS faculty lead study abroad programs (often in the summer), as well as classes that have a study-abroad component.   These programs allow students to enroll in classes at Clemson (thus avoiding any transfer issues).  Additionally, these courses provide organized travel, lodging, administration, and excursions, making for a hassle-free study-abroad experience. Visit the Pam Hendrix Center for Education Abroad website to search and Apply Now for each program.


Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo ImageProgram Title: Summer Undergraduate Research in Japan - View Flyer (PDF)
Faculty Contact: Dr. Jiro Nagatomi
Course Credit: BIOE 4600 (6 hours)

Description: This program will provide research experiences for students in world-class engineering research laboratories in Japan. Students will be paired with a graduate research mentor and tutor who will work side-by-side with participants in the laboratory and will show the student life outside of the university.


Clermont-Ferrand, France

France ImageProgram Title: Modeling Methods and Logistics Applications in France - View Flyer (PDF)
Faculty Contact: Dr. Kevin Taaffe
Course Credit: IS 2100 (3 CR) and either IE 4570 or MATH 4400 (3 CR)

Description: This program will highlight current issues in transportation, logistics, and healthcare and will explore how mathematical modeling can be used to solve real-world organizational challenges. Based at the Universite Clermont Auvergne (UCA), students will be taught by Clemson faculty members in Industrial Engineering and Mathematical Sciences alongside French faculty members at UCA. Program excursions include visits to French industry partners in Auvergne and cultural activities like French cheese-making and an exciting final weekend in Paris. The program also includes a kickoff visit to Michelin’s North American headquarters in Greenville prior to the group’s departure for France.

Pamplona, Spain

Pamplona ImageProgram Title: International Bioethics & Bioengineering - View Flyer (PDF)
Faculty Contact: Dr. John DesJardins
Course Credit: BIOE 4610, International Perspectives in Bioethics, IS 2100
Watch: Learn more about the Bioethics Program

Description: Study biomedical, social and healthcare ethics with international faculty. Film, media, and theory engage multidisciplinary student teams to explore and debate bioethical topics. Visit local healthcare and research facilities where bioethics plays a critical role in professional decision-making. Explore cultural sites and attractions in northern Spain while learning Spanish.

Pamplona, Spain

Pamplona ImageProgram Title: Sustainability and GIS - View Flyer (PDF)
Faculty Contact: Dr. Michael Carbajales-Dale and Patricia Carbajales-Dale
Course Credit: EES 4860, EES 4910
Watch: Learn more about the Sustainability Program

Description: Come to Spain, one of the foremost countries in sustainability, to study both Environmental Sustainability and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Instructors from Clemson University will team with local experts to deliver a world-class teaching experience related to addressing some of the global engineering challenges of the 21st Century. This program blends in-class activities with field trips to wind/solar farms, recycling depots, and sustainable buildings. 

France and Germany

France and Germany ImageProgram Title: BME Pre-Health Professional Development - View Flyer (PDF)
Faculty Contact:
Dr. Heather Dunn
Course Credit:
BIOE 4610 (3 credits) and BIOE 4600 (3 credits)

Description: The goal of this program is to gain global professional development as it relates to the field of biomedical engineering and biomedicine. The program will also offer excursions, site visits, and tours to enhance students' academic and cultural learning.

United Kingdom

UK ImageProgram Title: Healthcare & Nursing in London and Edinburgh - View Flyer (PDF)
Faculty Contact: Dr. Brian Booth
Course Credit:
BIOE 4610 (3 credits)

Description: Learn the history of medicine and medical research, starting by tracing the footsteps of Florence Nightingale, mother of modern nursing, through Victorian London and learn how a fine balance of compassion and innovation fueled the evolution of Britain’s healthcare system. Then travel to Edinburgh to learn about the city’s medical community with a visit to the Surgeon’s Hall Museum and the UK’s oldest and largest Royal College of Surgeons.


Engineering Plus German ImageProgram Title: Engineering plus German -View Flyer (PDF)

Faculty Contact:
Dr. Johannes Schmidt
Course Credit: Math 2060 and 2080 in German (6 hours)

Description: Join the full integrated engineering with German program! Use German early in your engineering curriculum, study in Germany, satisfy your General Education requirements, and intern with a German company.