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Mathematical Sciences

What is it?

Mathematicians come in many varieties, and demand is high for those who can employ what they’ve learned to solve the world’s problems. Clemson mathematical sciences majors may select an emphasis area or a concentration in which to apply their skills. That way, it’s clear that what you’re working so hard to learn will, in fact, be useful once you’re out in the big world.

What will I study?

The mathematics curriculum provides a broad knowledge of concepts and methods that are applicable in science, engineering, business, industry and many other professions. For those interested in attending medical school, the program offers a biology concentration for necessary preparation. In addition to the basic courses that provide a strong foundation in mathematics, junior-level students may conduct further study in one of these areas:

  • Abstract mathematics
  • Actuarial science/financial mathematics
  • Algebra and discrete mathematics
  • Applied analysis
  • Computational mathematics
  • Operations research
  • Probability and statistics

What is Clemson’s mathematical sciences program like?

The mathematical sciences department has approximately 270 students (185 are undergraduates) and 74 full-time faculty. Core courses include abstract mathematics, applied and computational mathematics, actuarial science/financial mathematics, statistics and operations research.

Where is my future in mathematics?

Because math is fundamental in a host of science, engineering, business and medical disciplines, those who major in it have a bright future almost everywhere. Recent graduates have found jobs in industry or gone on to graduate school.

Where can I find more information about Clemson’s mathematical sciences program?