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SPECTRA: Prospective Students

Scholarship Program for CECAS Students

Receive a scholarship and gain extra support to achieve your bachelor's degree in engineering or computer science at Clemson University.

In the SPECTRA program, you will find increased support and enrichment to assist you in your academic, professional, and other long-term goals. Beyond the scholarship, SPECTRA provides assistance during your academic career, plus you have the opportunity to gain research experience by participating in Creative Inquiries.

We would love for you to contact us early in your academic planning while at a SC Tech school, or even while in High School contemplating this academic option. Our goal is to assist in decision making, advise on course options, and connect you to information to help you make more informed decisions on the path to a future at Clemson.

Path to SPECTRA at Clemson

Begin at a SC Technical College and earn a scholarship towards Clemson.

The SPECTRA program was developed by Clemson faculty and approved for a National Science Foundation grant to help students successfully transfer and succeed in Engineering and Computing majors. Receive a scholarship to complete your bachelor's degree, while also gaining additional resources to support your transition to Clemson. Our goal is to have our students to be successful in academics and prepare for a future in engineering or computer science.

Over 400 students transfer each year to Clemson University. Determining what credits transfer is important in deciding how long you should spend at your current school. View how credits transfer, which courses count, and what classes you may need to take prior to coming to Clemson on our CECAS SC Transfer page.

Transfer to Clemson

Applying to SPECTRA

Apply today to earn a scholarship and participate in the SPECTRA Program

The SPECTRA Program has a few requirements that must be met for consideration into the program.

  1. Submit an essay describing where you envision yourself in 5 years after completing your degree in Engineering or Computing and how you envision yourself 20 years after completing your degree;
  2. Submit a 1-page resume;
  3. Provide 1 instructor or faculty member reference;
  4. Be in financial need determined by FASFA;
  5. Be a citizen of the United States;
  6. Meet other requirements necessary by the school to which you wish to receive the scholarship.

Additional requirements:

  1. Be able to enroll or already enrolled at SCC or TTC;
  2. Submit high school or unofficial college transcript;
  3. Be eligible to enroll in MAT 110.

Additional requirements:

  1. Be able to enroll or already enrolled at Clemson;
  2. Submit unofficial college transcript;
  3. Transfer 30 hours from a SC Technical College;
  4. Complete Math 1080;
  5. Complete ENGR 1410 or equivalent course with a C or better;
  6. If you have not completed ENGR 1410 please contact us at to learn about alternative SPECTRA entrance.


Starting at Spartanburg Community College or Trident Technical College?

Students beginning their academics career at either school can start earning a scholarship by participating in SPECTRA before they transfer to Clemson to pursue a Bachelor’s degree. Completing courses at SCC or TTC and maintaining SPECTRA requirements can help you gain direct entrance into Clemson University and allow you to continue SPECTRA at Clemson.

SPECTRA Colleges


  • Gain Early access to Clemson faculty, staff, and graduate students
  • Participate in Creative Inquiries for Clemson research projects 
  • Assistance with the transfer process
  • Access to Clemson Major Discovery Event

Points of Contact for Transfer Students

Spectra Logo

Zach quote

Zach Romanick
Mechanical Engineering, '21

Transferring from a small two-year school to a large University can be a lot to manage on your own. Not only did SPECTRA create the atmosphere for meeting new people, but it also provided me with challenges such as solving complex engineering problems on a multidisciplinary team.


SPECTRA Program Contact:
Chris Kitchens