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Undergraduate Research

What sort of research is open to undergraduates?

The University has adopted an academic plan that identifies eight areas in which it will conduct innovative research and encourage economic development. As a result, Clemson is a thriving place for research, building nationally recognized programs in advanced materials, automotive and transportation technology, biotechnology, and biomedical sciences, family and community living, general education, information and communications technology, leadership and entrepreneurship, and sustainable environment.

Because there is so much research going on at the University, there are plenty of opportunities for undergraduates to experience hands-on learning. Many students join Creative Inquiry teams and conduct research while applying classroom knowledge to real-life situations. Creative Inquiry projects require several semesters of commitment and provide invaluable hands-on experience as the participants find, analyze and evaluate information.

Another opportunity is the EUREKA! program, a unique endeavor that brings Clemson Honors students to Clemson the summer before their first year to conduct college-level research. While they’re here, the students become acquainted with the University’s best faculty and administrators and get a preview of what college will be like. Many also form bonds with other Calhoun Honors students that last throughout and beyond their college years.