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SPECTRA: Advisors for Clemson Engineers

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ACE Fellows Program 

Gain teaching experience at Clemson and neighboring Community and Technical Colleges that aligns with your research.

The ACE (Advisors for Clemson Engineers) Fellows program is a unique opportunity for CECAS graduate students to spend one year leading a Creative Inquiry class for 10-20 transfer students from community/technical colleges in the first year and then work remotely at a community or technical college teaching a similar research/project course and assisting with a foundational engineering course, such as statistics and dynamics.

This experience will help Ph.D. candidates prepare for subsequent academic positions by providing an opportunity to teach (not TA) engineering courses and develop teaching materials that align with their research and disciplines. Graduate candidates will learn how to support transfer students coming from community or technical colleges to institutions with high research activity and larger student populations and course enrollments.


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ACE Fellows
Application Process
Full requirements can be found on the application form.


SPECTRA Program Principal Investigator and Program Lead
Mary Beth Kurz