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About Us


1. Present outstanding artists and attractions.
2. Encourage new artists and experimental works.
3. Develop and educate diversified audiences to the performing arts.
4. Support the educational mission of the Department of Performing Arts.


Established in 1994, the Brooks Center has been the hub for the performing arts in Clemson for more than two decades. This 87,000-square-foot facility serves as a professional roadhouse, hosting world-class professional dance, theatre, and musical performances throughout the academic year in its spacious, yet intimate, 979-seat proscenium auditorium. Its 100-seat blackbox theatre is home to exciting student theatre performances, and a small recital hall serves as a multi-purpose space for classes, gatherings, and student performances.

In addition to professional productions, the Brooks Center is also home to the Department of Performing Arts, offering a dynamic, hands-on undergraduate experience. Through conferences and professional engagements made possible by donors, our students add to their resumes and build connections that will jumpstart their careers when they graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in productions studies in performing arts.

The department is a vibrant part of the College of Architecture, Arts and Humanities with more than 50 faculty and staff, more than 100 performing arts majors, and more than 5,000 students participating in ensembles and taking classes. With courses ranging from music theory and theatre history to scenic design and stage management, students of all majors are welcome to take classes and perform in ensembles.