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Lyceum Scholars Program

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Lyceum Program Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the admission requirements for the Lyceum Scholars Program?

    Candidates must apply (and be accepted) to Clemson University as incoming Freshmen. Successful candidates will be of a high intellectual caliber, as demonstrated through academic achievement and test scores in their high school careers, and must be passionate about ideas, intellectual engagement and the subject matter of the Lyceum Scholars Program. The Program is open to students from any US state and around the world. Please check back in the Fall semester for application and deadline information.

  • What are the academic requirements of the Lyceum Scholars Program?
    1. Take an 8-course sequence consisting of one Lyceum course each semester. Scholars may be excused from, at most, one semester due to scheduling conflicts with other required courses or studying abroad - in which case, the scholar will receive a half-scholarship for that academic year.
    2. Take all program courses together with your entering class as an intellectual cohort.
    3. Maintain at least a 3.4 GPA and be enrolled as a full-time student.
    4. Meet regularly with your assigned faculty Socratic Tutor.
    5. Attend all Lyceum Scholar events and public lectures.
  • What can I major in?

    The Lyceum Scholars Program is open to all majors. Lyceum Scholars are responsible for scheduling their required major courses around the required Lyceum course each semester. In the event that this is not possible, Scholars may miss up to one semester - in which case, the scholar will receive a half-scholarship for that academic year.

  • Can I use the Lyceum courses towards a major or minor?

    Though the Lyceum Program is open to any major, the sequence of Lyceum courses fulfills the requirements of a minor in Political Science ("Political and Legal Theory") at Clemson University.

    Because six of the eight required classes currently count towards the Political Science major, many Lyceum Scholars will choose to major in Political Science or double-major in Political Science and another subject.

  • What is a Socratic tutor?

    Lyceum Socratic Tutors mentor and guide Lyceum Scholars through their intellectual development. Tutors will help students connect theory (i.e., the ideas they learn in class) to real-life practice and develop an appreciation for the importance of moral character.

    Each Lyceum Scholar is assigned a Socratic Tutor from the Lyceum faculty and staff each semester. Lyceum Scholars will meet with their Socratic Tutor approximately twice a month during the school year.

  • Can I study abroad?

    Lyceum Scholars may study abroad for one semester (assuming that no other Lyceum courses have been missed), but scholars will receive a half-scholarship for that academic year.

  • Is the Lyceum Scholars Program part of Clemson's Honors Program?

    The Lyceum Scholars Program is not affiliated with Clemson University's Honors College, but candidates are encouraged to apply to the Honors College.

    The Lyceum Scholars program is designed to fully accommodate Honors students. Two of the required courses are offered through the Honors department (though these courses will also be open to any Lyceum Scholar who is not in the Honors program). For the remaining courses, students will have the option of signing an "honors contract" with the course instructor in order to have the courses count for Honors credit or can use other courses to fulfill the requirements of the Honors College.

  • I am visiting Clemson University. Can I visit your program?

    Our office is located in Suite 285 Chandler L. Burns Hall in the Wilbur O. and Ann Powers College of Business on the campus of Clemson University. If at all possible, please let us know in advance to expect you by contacting us at or (864) 656-2133.

  • I did not get into the Lyceum Scholars Program. Am I still able to participate in the Lyceum curriculum at Clemson University?

    Please consider signing up for the non-scholarship track of the Lyceum Curriculum: the Lyceum Fellows Program. As a Lyceum Fellow, you can take six of the eight Lyceum courses for college credit and at the same time fulfill the requirements for a minor in Political Science ("Political and Legal Theory"). Please visit the Lyceum Fellows page or contact us at for more information.

  • How can I promote this program to high school students?

    We will be happy to send you hard copies of our program flyer (please contact us at or download a printable PDF flyer at this link.

  • Tell me more about Clemson.

    For more information about Clemson University, visit the "About Clemson" page.

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