Policies and Procedures

  • For Clemson University Users

    All Clemson University users at EM Lab are required to have an Inter-Departmental Orders (IDO) on file prior to using the microscopes. The IDO is an official document and is considered authorization to submit a journal entry for payment of services rendered. We will work with department administrator to help internal EM Lab users setting up the IDO. Upon receipt of completed IDO, we will provide a username and password that will remain active during existing IDO cycle. Users will be able to reserve electron microscope time remotely from their computers once they receive ID, password with an existing active IDO on file.

  • For Industry Users

    All Industry users are encouraged to contact the facility and staff members to initiate the project and analysis work using electron microscopy. Most current updates about the scheduling and instrument status can be obtained by contacting the facility staff. We welcome all industrial users representing aerospace, automotive, pharmaceutical, textile, electronics, environmental, medical and many other industries. We strive to make sure that the affordable cost, professional service, wide range of state-of-the-art capabilities and minimum wait time will make your facility usage very productive. For more information, please contact L.V. Saraf or call 864-656-7535.


Please send signed IDO to Dayton Cash or Fax to 864-656-2466 or e-mail ecash@clemson.edu

Specific Details

1. IDO

In order to utilize the EM Lab Facilities, all users must have

  1. a signed IDO (with a unique Document Number) on file;

  2. an appropriate account (project number); and

  3. a departmental default number.

Journal entries will be processed at the beginning of the month immediately following the month in which the services were provided. All journal entry errors that are a result of insufficient funds or an invalid project number will be corrected to the departmental default number.

2. Scheduling of Equipment

Users may schedule two, two-hour time slots per week, per instrument. If additional time is needed, please clear existing request with EM Lab personnel. In case of late arrival, someone else may be allowed to use the time slot. There may be charges for the reserved scheduled time if EM Lab personnel were not contacted. Everyone using the instrument must have their own user name and password. A group member may not reserve time for anyone but themselves.

3. Instructions

  1. The Clemson University EM Lab is a teaching facility. Each user will be instructed on how to use the electron microscopes she/he will need.

  2. Only the E.M. staff is authorized to train users.

4. Chemical Wavers

All users must sign and return a waver concerning all the chemicals in the EM Lab. Please ask the EM Lab staff about disposal and handling of these chemicals.

5. Charges

  1. Users will be charged an hourly rate for scope time. Most current rates are published on this site.

6. After-hours Use of the Facility

  1. Approved persons may use the facility after hours. Please see staff concerning this policy so one may receive card access. Access cards are to be used by the owner and no one else. Please be aware the security cameras are operating at all times for your safety.

  2. Everyone using the facility after 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday and on weekends must be on the computer file to enter. Only persons with valid cards are allowed access; no visitors are allowed.

7. Problems with the Equipment

  1. Problems involving any of the equipment must be reported to the staff; this will help ensure speedy repairs. Please do not attempt to repair equipment on your own.

  2. Problems after hours: Turn equipment off or at least turn the filament off. Please leave a note on the machine for the lab personnel.

Memory Storage

Images can now be stored onto the server and downloaded from home as long as you have a current account set up. USB flash drives will still be required for storage of EDS WDS word files.


We would like to request any users with publications containing EM Lab work done to give us a copy. In case of absence of copy, please notify us about the publications with a possible link. We plan to create a library of research database. Additionally, we would like to have unique images. These images may be showcased around the electron microscopy facility. Images will be professionally colorized and framed, along with credit for the author listed.

The E.M. Lab staff realizes that rules cannot be upheld all of the time; therefore, exceptions can be made under reasonable circumstances.

Please let the staff know if you have any questions. Please pay attention to all signs posted around the lab.