Clemson University Child Development Center

  • CUCDC Groundbreaking Event at Clemson University
  • CUCDC Groundbreaking Event at Clemson University
  • CUCDC Groundbreaking Event at Clemson University
  • CUCDC Groundbreaking Event at Clemson University
  • CUCDC Groundbreaking Event at Clemson University
  • CUCDC Groundbreaking Event at Clemson University

The Clemson University Early Childhood Education Center will open in August 2020, and it will accommodate 143 children ranging in age from 6 weeks to 5 years. Upon opening, the center will work toward accreditation by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). Bright Horizons, a national child care provider, has been chosen to operate the day-to-day functions of the center.

The success of this project is due to the hard work of many people and groups who have been dedicated to this initiative for over 40 years.

Please continue to visit this site for project updates.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What will the center be named?
    The center will be named the Early Childhood Education Center.
  • When will the center open?
    The center is on schedule to open in August 2020.
  • Who will be running the facility on a day-to-day basis?
    Bright Horizons has been selected as the care provider for the center. More information can be found at their central website:
  • How many spaces will be available for each age?
    The capacity of the center is 143 children. Class size estimates are listed below. The center is expected to operate with fewer children in the first two years.

    Infants (0-12 mo): 16
    Toddlers (1 yr): 20
    2s: 28
    Preschool: 35
    Kindergarten: 44

  • What is the tuition/cost going to be?
    Rates will be announced in the near future and will be competitive with the childcare facilities in the local area.
  • Who will be eligible to enroll their children?
    All full-time Clemson faculty, staff, graduate students with 9 or more credit hours, and undergraduate students with 12 or more credit hours will be eligible. TLPs, TGPs, and postdoctoral scholars will be considered part of the faculty group, so may be eligible depending on full-time status. In addition to the Clemson eligibility, state statutory guidelines direct the center be open to the community.
  • When can I sign up?
    Application details will be announced in the near future as Bright Horizons transitions as the center’s care provider.
  • What can I expect if I have multiple children that require enrollment?
    If you have multiple children and one is accepted during enrollment, his/her siblings will automatically be accepted as well.
  • Are any spaces reserved for certain divisions or departments?
    No. All spaces will be determined through the general eligibility and prioritization guidelines mentioned above.
  • What does NAEYC accreditation mean and why does it matter?
    National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) is a professional membership organization that works to promote high-quality early learning for all young children, birth through age 8, by connecting early childhood practice, policy, and research. NAEYC-accredited early learning programs are exceptionally well equipped and meticulously measured for indicators of quality in the classroom and beyond. From guidelines for teacher preparation through safety standards, NAEYC Accreditation ensures that programs are safe, well prepared, and intentional about ensuring children's success. As a reputable indicator of quality, NAEYC Accreditation correlates with children's greater readiness and success in school and beyond; increased educational attainment rates; and overall healthier lifestyles.

    NAEYC Accreditation Standards and Assessment items include child relationships; curriculum; teaching; assessment of child progress; health; staff competencies, preparation, and support; family relationship; community relationship; physical environment; and leadership and management. For each of these areas, the NAEYC accreditation program’s process and standards are constantly reviewed under the auspices of the Council on the Accreditation of Early Learning Programs to ensure that they are informed by current research and reflect the ever-evolving early childhood landscape. (, 2019)

    More information can be found here. (2019). NAEYC. [online] Available at: [Accessed 8 Aug. 2019].

Disclaimer: As not all determinations have been made, this information is subject to change.