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Nassar and Hewitt  


Nassar and Hewitt  

 Developing Drone Deterrent Landscapes


Robert Hewitt and Hala Nassar will work with Duke over the next three years to ensure drone deterrents are unobtrusive and don’t detract from surroundings.


Hala Nassar, a landscape architecture professor in Clemson's College of Architecture, Arts and Humanities, is the university's principal investigator into landscape design that hinders the use of drones. She is being assisted by Robert Hewitt, an associate professor of landscape architecture also from Clemson and the co-principle investigator for the research. Photo Credit: Clemson University


Although Nassar's research focuses on drone deterrent designs, she still acknowledges that drones can be beneficial for a wide range of applications. "Drone technology is increasingly enabling landscape architects to examine natural, environmental, social and physical characteristics of sites," Nassar states. "Recording and mapping complex transformation of site hydrological, topographic and environmental changes has become faster and more accurate to document." Photo Credit: Clemson University

Project Description:
   Technology to detect and deter drone activity has been developed in recent years in response to privacy and safety concerns, however, it is often too expensive for smaller organizations.

   Knowing there is growing need for more affordable options, the National Science Foundation has awarded Clemson and Duke universities a $750,000, threeyear grant to create a more economical solution for public spaces. The effectiveness of their designs will be tested at the Durham Bulls Athletic Park and Sarah P. Duke Gardens.

   Hala Nassar, a landscape architecture professor in Clemson’s College of Architecture, Arts and Humanities, is the university’s principal investigator (PI). She and co-PI Robert Hewitt, an associate professor of landscape architecture, will provide expertise on how to best design drone-deterring structures so there is minimal impact on the aesthetical composition of outdoor environments. More from Clemson Newsstand>> >>